About Risalat Bari: Zoophilist And Hobbyist

Bachelor in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. Accomplished Telecommunication Engineer and throughout the journey snatched an MBA as well. For many years, that’s all there was to my identity. But life hardly ever follows a plan, right?

It all started when I came across two pretty little Red Ear Slider Turtles in a local pet mart! I always had a soft corner for turtles & I just knew I couldn’t leave these babies behind. The seller kept them in a small box and sold them to me with an equally cheap glass bowl. But it seemed too restrictive.

So, after getting back home, I basically went through all the guides related to Red Ear Slider Turtles on the internet.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that it’s actually harmful to turtles to stay in such a repressive container. Au contraire, they need large enough tanks to move around properly and with dedicated basking places!

I immediately got them a bigger tank. But it didn’t stop there. I kept reading and discovering many new things. Eventually, I made a custom tank with basking spots under UVB lights, canister filters for poop problems, and many other features.

About Risalat Bari: Zoophilist And Hobbyist 2
The Turtle Tank Setup I started With

And that’s how I discovered my love for aquascaping.

I was beyond awestruck by the IAPLC images. I mean imagine being able to practically create a living, breathing, fully functioning miniature ecosystem of your own.

It felt rewarding, in more ways than one.

While researching, I eventually found my way to the reef tank community! Green freshwater tanks are definitely amazing, but the deep blue horizons over a luscious yet mysterious coral reef left me absolutely mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages!

About Risalat Bari: Zoophilist And Hobbyist 3
An Aquascape that won the first place in IAPLC 2017

I kept researching the topics related to reef tanks and stumbled upon so many worthwhile tips and techniques! And I implemented them in the best way possible to slowly build up my very own customized coral reef tanks. Needless to say, I also made loads of mistakes along the way.

ReefCraze is my brainchild for all those years of craziness. This site contains everything I’ve learned throughout the years while experimenting with various reef tank systems.

About Risalat Bari: Zoophilist And Hobbyist 4
A Dream Reef Tank

2nd Part of My Life

In fact, I recently quit my day job as a telecommunication engineer to pursue this ‘hobby’ full-time. Just goes to show how life never fails to surprise you out of nowhere!

It started with reef tanks and Reef Craze but it didn’t stop there. My newfound love for writing articles about various important and interesting topics encouraged me to pursue many other sectors in blogging. I now personally manage a portfolio of different niche sites to talk about paint materials, birds, tattoos, and tech problems alongside reef tanks and aquariums.

From a telecommunication engineer to a full-time blogger and affiliate earner – what a journey this has been!

My goal now is to enrich the blogs I manage, with everything I know so newcomers can use a reliable guide. Hopefully, you too will find solace and devotion in this journey.

With that, welcome aboard, fellow enthusiasts! Have a blast!

Alongside turtles, I have also had many birds as pets so far. Many think of birds as low-maintenance pets but they couldn’t be more wrong. I created Avian Story to break apart the misconceptions so you can take better care of your birds!. You can contact me over the social media –