Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together?

Cockatiels and budgies are both members of the parrot species. Moreover, both of them are quite similar in appearance but differ highly in behavior. Still living in harmony in the wild.

But, can cockatiels and budgies live together? If they are friendly toward each other, keeping them together under observation is fine but there are so many things to consider. Nevertheless, a slight presence of aggression between them can lead to one of them being killed!

These birds are generally friendly in nature and take a bit of time to adjust to the new avians. Without considering certain factors, keeping the cockatiel and budgie together is like giving an invitation to trouble. Now, let’s get into the details.

Is It Possible For Cockatiels And Budgies To Live Together?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 1

It is perhaps possible that the cockatiel and budgie can live together under strict supervision.

Despite being friendly in nature, there are plenty of factors that decide whether a cockatiel and a budgie can live together or not. Leaving them together in a room is safe unless one pisses off the other.

But it is definitely not wise to put them together in a cage. Because a slight change in their behavior can lead to a devastating situation. Similarly, if the birds are comfortable with each other, then leaving them together won’t be a problem.

Now, how would you know if they are getting along or not? Well, some factors you need to look for before keeping the cockatiels and budgies together are added below.


Introducing both the budgie and cockatiel is an important phase in cohabitation.

Well, younger birds get along the most. Also, the adult birds would get along as long as their privacy is not invaded. But the more older the birds get, the less comfortable they would be with other species.

Most of the successful cohabitation of the cockatiel and budgie is observed when they are introduced as young. Because at a young age, they build a bond and a great understanding. Which becomes unbreakable with time.


The temperament of the budgie and cockatiel is totally opposite.

There is a chance that the budgie’s hyperactive behavior will keep on annoying the cockatiel if they are kept together. Moreover, getting on the nerves of the cockatiel can result in an worse situations.

However, the whole discussion on temperament is added later on so follow below.


The cage size varies because budgies are small and cockatiels are bigger in size.

Taking a big-sized cage would be suitable if both of them are kept together. Apparently, budgies are a bit sensitive to their habitat. And often does not like it when someone invades it. That’s why, better to keep them in separate cages.

Breeding Time

Breeding time is the most sensitive period for the bird’s life. Their behavior changes and becomes sensitive. This period is definitely not the right period for introducing budgies and cockatiels.

Similarly, keeping them away at this stage should be the priority. Otherwise, they can consider each other as harmful.

What Are The Temperament Differences Between Cockatiels And Budgies?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 2

Even though cockatiel and budgie belong to parrot species, their temperament is totally different.

Temperament Study

Budgies are just small parrots but with plenty of courage. They are more tend to be mischievous, hyperactive, and curious type. As a result, it becomes tough to handle them when they act like a bully. This trait of theirs makes them unsuitable for cohabitating with other birds, yet introducing them at young would facilitate the cohabitating.

On the other hand, a cockatiel is a large-sized parrot that has a calm, tolerant, and soothing nature. They love peace and their privacy the most.

When both of these two birds are kept together, they will react friendly toward each other at first.

But later with time, budgies will become curious about the cockatiel. At some point, they will continuously start to annoy the cockatiel.

This mischievous behavior of the budgies can backfire when the cockatiel loses its temper.

Opinion Of Enthusiasts

Most of the bird owners have faced the situation of cockatiel and budgies fighting. The situation gets worse if they are kept together in one cage. Because the budgie will not be able to defeat the cockatiel due to its large body. Also, budgie will not have any way to escape from the cage.

Consequently, it can get hurt the most during the fight. And sometimes the fight can lead to the budgie’s death.

Even though some pet owners in the shops, keep the budgie and cockatiel together, still bird enthusiasts do not suggest that. Their temperament differences would certainly be an obstacle in keeping them together.

What Are The Essential Needs Of Both Cockatiels And Budgies?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 3

The needs of cockatiels and budgies also vary due to their nature. Quite similar yet different needs are observed in the birds. Let’s check through the needs.


Cockatiels are larger birds and cage size for cockatiels should be 24 x 24 x 30 inches (LxWxH). On the other hand, budgies need a cage of size 19x19x20 inches (LxWxH).


The nutritional needs of budgie and cockatiel are different as well. It is because a cocktail is larger and requires a larger amount of food than a budgie.

Consequently, foods create a competitive nature among the birds. That’s why it is better to give them food in their own space. Even better if they are fed outside the cage.

Sleep And Activity Behaviors

Both the cockatiel and budgies become active during the day. And enjoy a sound sleep during the night.

They would hardly do any harm to each other at night unless one of them goes through a night terror.

What Are The Risks Involved In Keeping Cockatiels And Budgies Together?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 4

Some might successfully put the cockatiel with budgies in one cage. But the risks are still not tackled. The highest risk is the fight between them and disease transmission. Now fights can occur due to the following reasons.


In the wild, both the budgie and cockatiel have their own territory and protect the places. But in a cage, they have little space over which they have full control.

Budgies tend to be more protective of their territory and do not like the invasion of other birds.

Which can often lead to fights and there is a high chance that a fight can result in severe injuries to other birds.

Disease transmission

Psittacosis is a disease that gets transmitted from parrots to parrots and to humans.

The bacteria responsible for the disease is Chlamydophila psittaci. Which gets spread through the dust, fecal contamination, and nasal discharge of the infected bird.

The infected cockatiel or budgie can shed the bacteria and living in the same place would pose a risk to the healthy ones.

You should know how to bathe a cockatiel as proper cleanliness of birds can prevent contagious diseases.

Energy Level

The energy level of the cockatiel and budgie do not match at all. As the cockatiel is calm, they are often tolerant toward the attitude of the budgie.

But when the cockatiel becomes sensitive, the teasing and playful fun can turn into a deadly fight.

Breeding And Aggression

During breeding time, the birds go through the highest sensitive phase. In this phase they not only become sensitive but also highly outrageous.

Out of rage, they might attack each other. A full observation of the birds can help to tackle such a situation.

Night Terror

Night terror occurs because at night when the birds are asleep, even a ray of light can scare them. Not just light but also sound, and touch.

As a result, the birds flap around and make scary noises. Now, if the budgie and cockatiel are kept together, and the cockatiel experiences night terror, it can cause harm to the budgie.

Can a cockatiel survive in the wild with this night terror? In the wild, the situation is controllable due to the wide space. But, in a cage, the small space makes the situation worse.

How Should The Cage Environment Be Arranged For Cohabitation?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 5
Image Credit: Aleksei Maznychenko, Canva

For the cohabitation of budgies and cockatiels, the cage should be larger so that it can accommodate both birds.

Better if they are placed in different compartments in the cage to tackle danger.

You can also place a small water tub inside the cage for the birds. Because cleanliness helps to keep them healthy.

There should be an available supply of water and food. As the diet of both birds varies, it is better to give them food in different sections. The sections should also be separated in such a way that they can not snatch others’ food.

Toys for a cockatiel and budgie should also be available separately inside the cage.

However, if you are unable to monitor their behavior 24/7, better not to involve them together in a cage. Otherwise, the cage can be a deadly threat.

What Steps Should Be Taken To Introduce A Cockatiel And Budgie?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 6

Introducing the cockatiel to the budgie is the most crucial phase. If it goes wrong, the birds would not get along. Consequently, forcing them into one cage is going to backfire.

You should follow the below steps to introduce the cockatiel and budgie.

  1. Take the birds of almost the same age; it’s better if they have the same temperament.
  2. Introduce them when they are still young. This enables them to understand each other the most.
  3. After taking birds, do not introduce them immediately. Take them into quarantine for 30 days. So that, if the flock suffers from any contagious disease, it will not be carried to others.
  4. Take them to the vet, to check their health.
  5. Finally, slowly leave them in one room. This can help them to create a bond between them.
  6. After some time, when they become habituated with each other, keep them in a cage.

How To Manage Conflict Between A Cockatiel And A Budgie?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 7

Managing conflict between a cockatiel and a budgie needs you to acknowledge the reason behind the quarrel.

Most often conflict can occur when the bird’s privacy is invaded. In that case, always separate the things of the birds.

Also, monitor their behavior when they are playing. If you find a slight sense of aggression, keep them away. Of course, proper training of the bird is required to control them. Practice the normal training such as making them quiet and playing with them.

Another reason behind fights is jealousy. Jealousy can often lead them to harm each other. In particular, budgies require more attention from the owner and people. Whereas, a cockatiel is less interactive in terms of touch.

Better if you can meet their emotional needs.

Can A Cockatiel And Budgie Breed?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 8

No, cockatiels and budgies are from different species. They are unable to breed together. Even if they mate, they would not be able to make any healthy offspring.

Or else, the hybrid offspring would go through health issues and die young.

Can Cockatiels And Budgies Share Playtime Outside The Cage?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 9

Yes, both cockatiel and budgie can share playtime outside the cage. But also, you need to monitor their movements and behavior toward each other.

Even during playing, budgies can tease the cockatiel. If the situation goes out of control, the cockatiel would attack the budgie without thinking twice.

Proper training and monitoring of the behavior is necessary so that you can stop the aggressive behavior of both birds.

Apart from that, a tiny behavioral change can be a firelighter for fights.

What Alternatives Are There If Cockatiels And Budgies Cannot Live Together?

Can Cockatiels and Budgies Live Together? 10

Pairing the cockatiel and budgie with other birds is a better alternative than pairing them together. Also, you can place them alone.

Now you might be curious to know, can cockatiels live alone? Well, cockatiels are calm creatures who love their alone time. They might go through loneliness if they are left alone. Still, they will be able to deal with it due to its nature.

However, always keep the birds of the same species together. In the case of different species either place them in separate cages or in compartments.

Can Lovebirds and Cockatiels live together? Absolutely not. Because lovebirds are extremely aggressive and territorial. As both the birds are large and have strong beaks, they would cause severe injury to each other if they engage in a fight.

Parakeets, doves, and pigeons are often paired with cockatiels or budgies. But their spaces should be distinguishable. Also, they should not feel competitive toward each other for food.

Can Conure and Cockatiel live together? Maybe, as it depends on their training and how compatible they are with each other. Generally, they get along well unless enraged. Look out for the aggression phase is a must.

No matter what bird you are putting together, their behavior should be supervised. Even though they are trained, they can go through behavioral changes due to the influence of other birds.


Well, can cockatiels and budgies live together? Takes a wide range of answers. Generally, two birds of different species should not be kept in one cage or in one room.

Pet owners suggest keeping monitoring the behavior of the birds when they are together. If they bond well, that’s a sign that you can keep them in one room. Still, many would highly forbid keeping the birds in one cage.

Moreover, the cohabitation process entirely depends on the choice of the birds. It’s wise to pair them with compatible bird species while observing their nature.

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