Are Cockatiels Colorblind? Know Your Pet Better!

Color blindness is a genetic condition that can be found in humans as well as animals. So it’s natural for some birds to have color blindness.

Are Cockatiels Colorblind? Although the visible spectrum of cocktails differs vastly from that of humans, cockatiels aren’t colorblind. In fact, cockatiels’ color perception is broader than that of humans.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your pet bird is colorblind, this article is just for you! Continue reading the article to learn all about the cockatiels’ optical capacities.

Are Cockatiels Colorblind?

Are Cockatiels Colorblind?

Color Blindness is a genetic disorder that is common in humans as well as animals. But surprisingly enough, cockatiels are immune to this condition.

Birds generally have excellent vision, and their perception abilities surpass that of the human spectrum. Cockatiels can even recognize colors unknown to us. Specialized cone cells in the cockatiels’ retina are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, enabling them to perceive a whole new spectrum of colors. So, compared to cockatiels, humans are more colorblind!

Can Cockatiels See Color?

Can Cockatiels See Color

Cockatiels possess incredible color vision. They can perceive a wider range of colors than humans. Cockatiels can even see colors that are outside of our visible spectrum.

Your pet bird perceives color the same way you do. It might come as a surprise that they have additional cone cells inside their retinas, which can distinguish lights from the UV (ultraviolet band).

As a result, cockatiels can identify more colors than humans.

What Colors Do Cockatiels See?

What Colors Do Cockatiels See

Human eyes are trichromatic, meaning they can see only three primary colors. Whereas cockatiels are tetrachromatic, they can recognize four primary colors. So, they can identify an additional set of colors unknown to the human eye.

Cockatiels and several other species of birds can see the extra color set, which lies within the ultraviolet range. These colors don’t have any names as they’re invisible to the human eye.

So your pet can recognize red, blue, green, and yellow as well as colors unknown to you!

Are Cockatiels Blind?

It’s very rare for a cockatiel to be born blind. However, your cockatiel’s eyesight may likely deteriorate as it ages.

Like all animals, a cockatiel’s visual sensitivity decreases over time and may lead to blindness. Cataracts and glaucoma can also be the cause of losing eyesight, but usually, they’re treatable to some extent. If you’re worried that your pet bird is turning blind, seek the help of a vet immediately and ensure proper treatment.

Do Cockatiels Have Night Vision?

Do Cockatiels Have Night Vision?

Unfortunately, cockatiels have poor night vision. As a bird owner, you’ve probably witnessed your beloved pet in great distress during the night. This phenomenon may be termed “night fright.”

Night frights may include screaming, fidgeting, and violent thrashing of wings. The reason behind this sort of behavior is unclear. However, most believe that as cockatiels can’t see in the dark, it makes them anxious and restless.

You should keep a small night light in your pet’s room to make it feel safe and comfortable. Cockatiels are easily flustered, so try to avoid making noises and maintain a calm environment.


Here we answered some vital questions that may help you. 

What birds are colorblind?

Nocturnal birds like owls and nightingales are most likely to be colorblind. In contrast, birds like parrots, cockatiels, and parakeets aren’t colorblind.

Do cockatiels like to be in the dark?

Cockatiels have poor night vision and can barely see in the dark. As a result, they feel unsafe and uncomfortable in dark places.
Don’t put your cockatiel in a completely darkened room. Keep a night light on when it sleeps.

How to help my blind cockatiel?

If your pet bird is slowly turning blind and there’s no cure for it, the best thing you can do is keep its surroundings as familiar as possible. Avoid moving around things much. Keep harmful and dangerous objects out of your pet’s reach.

Is my cockatiels blindness curable?

In most cockatiels, blindness is a natural phenomenon. You can’t wholly cure blindness, but you can slow down your pet’s vision deterioration.
If you suspect your pet bird is in the early stages of blindness, feed it fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin A. Don’t expose your bird to direct sunlight or powerful rays from television screens.
Consult a vet and provide proper medication if the cause of the blindness is some disease like glaucoma.


Being a pet owner means wanting the absolute best for your loved one. Naturally, you’re bound to be concerned about its health and physical conditions. You don’t have to worry about your cockatiel being colorblind. Cockatiels have better vision than humans. However, you should take care of your pet’s eyesight.

The next time someone’s confused about whether cockatiels are colorblind; hopefully, you can clean their doubts, as we did yours!

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