Can Budgies Eat Arugula? What You Don’t Know About This Food!

Budgies are very busy birds in general. As a result, they have substantial nutritional needs each day. One food that can meet their daily nutritional requirements and keep them healthy is arugula. Furthermore, arugula is also widely available.

Can Budgies Eat Arugula? Yes, Arugula definitely qualifies as one of the best foods for your budgie’s diet. The reason for this is that it is high in nutrients and has unique characteristics. Unlike other vegetables, arugula contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, which are rare. Additionally, it contains nutrients like iron, potassium, and magnesium that help your bird function better.

So you can easily add this food to your bird’s diet. If this food is not readily available, there are some other ways you can give it to your bird.

Can Budgies Eat Arugula?

Budgies Eat Arugula

Yes, Budgies are totally up to eating arugula. Though it is true that budgies love to eat seeds more than fruits, berries, and veggies, they also eat arugula. And they can consume arugula pretty comfortably.

Furthermore, leafy veggies like arugula are an important part of the buggies’ diet. It has numerous health benefits. For instance, it helps with heart disease risk and boosts bone health.

The reason is that arugula is rich in protein, sodium, and vitamin K.  Budgies’ bones become stronger when they consume a lot of vitamin K. They can therefore fly or move fairly effortlessly.

Arugula can be served to your birds plain or combined with other vegetables. The leaves can be slightly chopped for baby budgies. If the buggy is mature, serve it raw. Overfeeding arugula might be harmful to your budgies. So keep up a healthy diet and proper routine for the best results.

Arugula Nutritional Information (Per 100 gm)

Calcium160 mg
Fiber1.6 g
Vitamin K109 μg
Vitamin A2372 IU
Vitamin C15mg
Vitamin E0.43 mg
Potassium396 mg

Is Arugula Okay For Budgies?

Is Arugula Okay For Budgies

Budgies only consume foods that pique their interest. One of the foods they enjoy having alongside other vegetables is arugula. If you serve this into their cage, they will finish it in a moment.

Therefore, it is true that budgies enjoy eating arugula. However, arugula is great for budgies’ diet. As we have mentioned, it is full of carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, this vegetable is available year-round. So it’s perfectly okay for budgies.

Is There Any Benefit To Feeding Arugula To Budgies?

Is There Any Benefit To Feeding Arugula To Budgies

There are actually a lot of benefits to feeding arugula to your loving bird. Birds mostly suffer from liver disease. They require vitamin C to prevent this. Arugula contains a lot of vitamin C. So it will prevent your bird’s liver sickness.

Additionally, arugula contains vitamin A, so if your bird suffers from feather loss or skin damage issues, arugula can help.  Similarly, vitamin B will develop your bird’s organism.

Arugula also contains vitamin K. You should know that vitamin K aids in blood coagulation and has anti-coccidiosis properties. Vitamin K is also very rare, so this thing will add some value.

Another element that is present in arugula is sodium. Slow growth, exhaustion, and weight loss are all symptoms of a sodium deficiency. Thus, this item will also be required. One other essential nutrient in Arugula is potassium.

Does Feeding Arugula to Birds Have Any Drawbacks?

Does Feeding Arugula to Birds Have Any Drawbacks

There are no drawbacks to feeding arugula as long as the quantity and quality are adequate. However, if you make a mistake in the quantity and serve too much, there may be some problems.

Overeating arugula might have some adverse effects. However, it may not be that serious. The allergy might be serious because it also causes a skin rash. As a result, the budgies might lose their feathers. In that case, you should speak with the veteran directly.

How To Feed Arugula To Your Budgies?

How To Feed Arugula To Your Budgies

Vegetables are typically served raw because they are the most nutrient-dense when they are raw and fresh. Arugula should only be cooked when it is past its prime. However, the nutrition won’t be the same as it would be if it were raw and fresh.

Before serving, remember to properly wash and remove any hard branches. If your budgies are small, then cut the arugula into smaller pieces. You don’t need to do this if it is a mature one.

You can also serve it plain or mix it with seeds and other vegetables. See which approach they prefer.

Arugula contains a few allergic pesticides, which may cause allergy to your budgie. If you are unsure of how to check for an allergy, you can speak with a vet.

Is It Okay If I Give My Parrots Arugula Every Day?

There are many owners who feed their birds’ arugula every day, and there have been no bad reports recorded. Though there is no problem, this is not an effective diet for your bird.

To be honest, arugula doesn’t contain all the important nutrients. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to feed them a variety of vegetables that contain various nutrients. Therefore, feeding arugula three to four times per week is preferable to daily feeding.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding arugula. Hope this will give you more insights.

Is raw arugula good for budgies?

Compared to cooked arugula, raw arugula provides superior results. The reason is that vegetables lose nutrition when they are cooked due to heat. Therefore, serving arugula raw rather than cooked or boiled is a better idea.

How much arugula can budgies eat each day?

Quantity-wise, you can serve 2 to 3-gram arugula for one budgie. It would be more appropriate if you served arugula with other veggies. Because in that way, your bird will get even more nutrients in just one meal.
While mixing other food with arugula, you can decrease the quantity. In this situation, you should serve 1 to 2 grams of arugula with other veggies.

Is there a healthy substitute for arugula?

Definitely, there are some good alternatives to arugula. It’s true that arugula is not available in every place. However, you must ensure that your bird receives all the necessary nutrients. So you can serve veggies like baby spinach, dandelion greens, baby kale, or even romaine lettuce. The majority of them contain all of the nutrients found in arugula.

Final Words

We hope now you have the answer to your question, ‘can budgies eat arugula or not?’. Arugula is certainly a healthy vegetable for budgies. The intriguing aspect of this food is that it contains vitamin K, which is somewhat uncommon in addition to the usual nutrients.

Therefore, including this food in your pet parrot’s diet will be really beneficial. It has many advantages that are actually necessary for the health of your bird. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any acidic substances that could make your budgies sick. So it’s perfectly fine to add this food to your budgie’s daily diet.

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