Can Budgies Eat Cheese? What Are The Benefits And Possible Downsides?

Cheese is a dairy product formed by curdling milk proteins like casein. It is a good source of calcium that aids in developing strong teeth and bones. However, is this yummy treat good for budgies?

So, can budgies eat cheese? Yes, budgies can eat cheese, however moderately. Despite being healthy, cheese is high in fat, and the bacteria from the fermentation process can harm your pet’s health. However, there are types of cheese safe for budgies.

This article will cover everything you need to know about serving cheese as a treat to your budgie.

Can Budgies Eat Cheese?

It’s okay to give your pet budgies cheese periodically. Treating these winged friends is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with them, a crucial step in creating a bond. Cheese is sweet and creamy, and your pet birds can’t resist munching on them whenever offered. To fully benefit, your pet should only feed limitedly and occasionally.

Most times, cheese is made in factories by cuddling milk. The milk goes through various processes, including acidifying and coagulating, before arriving at the final product. Cheese comes in different aromas, tastes, flavors, and textures, estimated to be more than 1800 different types.

Cheese is available in almost every local store near you and also online. Always pick the cheese type suitable for your pet bird, the one less likely to cause health problems. The choice of cheese can be arrived at after considering the calories, fats, and lactose levels.

Why You Should Not Feed Budgies Cheese in Excess?

Cheese is not only a health threat to your avian pet but also to yourself. In 100 grams of cheddar cheese, 33 grams is saturated fat, which is high. Exposing your budgies to these high fats puts them at risk of gaining weight and becoming obese. An obese pet is prone to many health issues, including stroke and heart attack.

Budgies lack lactase, an enzyme that enables the digestion of lactose. If in excess, your pet will have digestion problems, including diarrhea. Cheese goes through multiple processes in the making, including fermentations, where it picks several bacteria. Lactobacillus is one of these bacteria that can harm your pet if taken in excess and in case your pet has a poor immune system.

Is Cheese Healthy for Budgies?

The cheese will positively impact your pet’s health if enjoyed in a modest amount. Calcium deficiency in budgerigars has the most health impact on your pet than any other nutrient. Cheese is a source of calcium that your bird friend requires for stronger bones and beaks.

Cheese is also a source of protein, an essential nutrient for your budgie to develop strong feathers. Proteins are much needed during the molting season when they lose their feathers to grow new ones. Cheese also contains phosphorus, an essential dietary nutrient for growing budgies. During the mating season, a phosphorus-rich diet is ideal for good-quality eggs.

What Are the Different Types of Cheese Budgies Can Take?

With the wide variety of cheese to choose from, some types are safe for your pet to ingest. If you wonder, can budgies eat cheese puffs? The answer is yes, though they don’t obtain much nutritional value. Below are some cheese types pet budgies can eat without compromising their health.

Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is a low-lactose cheese you and your pet can enjoy. Pasteurized and processed Swiss cheese can contain less than 2 percent lactose. This is a fair amount for your pet.

Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese comes in varieties from mild to premium, the difference being their age. Hard and aged cheese have low lactose, the ideal amount for your winged pets who can’t digest it. A few months old cheddar cheese can have lactose between 0 to 2.1 percent lactose, which is safe.

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese was originally made in Italy and produced from cow or buffalo milk. It has a low fat and calorie content, which makes it preferable for your budgie pet. If you want to treat your pet and fear it might get obese, this type of cheese should be your top choice.

How Do You Prepare Cheese for Your Parakeet?

To make sure your avian friend enjoys this dairy product, it’s crucial that you prepare it well. The first step is selecting the quality cheese that favors your pet and exposes it to fewer health risks. Remember, this is a sweet treat, and your pet might get addicted to eating it.

Slice the cheese into small thin slices that can fit into your bird’s mouth in a bite. To introduce the pets to these treats, you should begin by offering only bits. Serve each pet with a piece and watch their reactions to decide whether you will treat them next time. If your pet develops a loose stool, you shouldn’t give it this treat anymore.

Measures To Take When Feeding Your Budgies Cheese

Giving cheese as an occasional treat is not bad, provided you feed them in small proportions. However, you should also know when to stop, especially if your budgie has kidney-related complications. Below are extra measures you should take if you want to feed cheese on your parakeets.

Keep It At The Minimum Portion If You Must

Cheese is only good for budgies if fed at most once a month. You don’t want to expose your feathered friend to poor metabolism issues that will affect their growth. If you have better alternatives to cheese, we advise feeding them instead of cheese.

Provide Plenty of Water

Most cheese types are salty, and your budgie will not mind them. The salt makes them overly thirsty, thus the need for you to provide plenty of water. But, opting for cheese with low salt content is most suitable because you’ve to mind their kidneys as well.

Avoid Cheese with Additives

Cheese in itself may not be bad, especially if it’s low in salt. But, you cannot rule out the effect of the high-fat and additives content. The sumptuous, spicy cheese you enjoy may be good for you but not for your budgie. Some spices, like onion, are destructive to the gastrointestinal tract.


Despite some diets being riskier for pets, most pet lovers will still find a healthy way to treat them. This can mean days of research, doubts, and many questions. The following are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers to help you clear some of your doubts.

What Happens If a Budgie Eats Cheese?

If your pet budgie eats only a few bits, it will be okay with no possible health concerns. Budgies can benefit from calcium and proteins in cheese. However, in excess, your pet might get diarrhea and other stomach problems. The high salt in cheese can also cause an ion imbalance in your pet, resulting in ataxia.

Can Budgies Eat Cheese Crackers?

Cheese crackers are sweet and crunchy, and it’s okay for your pet to eat them. Some are prepared with grains and less cheese, which are healthier for your bird. As usual, serve your avian pets these treats sparingly.

Is Cheese a Safe Bet For Parakeets?

No. Cheese is not outrightly safe for all budgies. Some can react badly to it due to the high saturated salt and fat content. If you must feed cheese to your budgie, do it like once monthly. Seeking your vet’s approval will be important, especially if your parakeet has any health issues.


Cheese is some of the tastiest dairy products on the market. As a loving pet parent, it’s hard to resist sharing it with your pets. However, since different pets have varying digestion systems, it’s best to begin by doing research.

Now you have a better understanding of the question, can budgies eat cheese? In moderation, it’s safe and nutritionally rewarding to your pet. However, in excess, it can hurt your pet’s health resulting in many health risks.

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