Can Budgies Eat Oats?

One of my morning habits is to prepare oatmeal with garnished fruits on top and enjoy it while looking at my budgies in their home.

At one point, I noticed them looking at my bowl intently, probably wondering what gooey stuff I had been stuffing myself with. However, it also brought up a bubbling question, can budgies eat oats too? Will they find it as fulfilling as I do?

I know that our body function is different from the parakeets. Still, some diet meals are quite similar to ours. So here I am, letting you know all I have learned so far.

Are Oats Safe for Budgies

Many budgies’ parents are unaware of the fact that birds love oats. Is it healthy for them? All the nutrients you attain by consuming oatmeal, equally sustain the avian creatures too.

In short, let those budgies have a taste and see! On the other hand, you might find it puzzling what oat type to offer them.

1. Rolled Oats

Keep in mind that grain food is an essential part of the budgerigar diet. Oats are grains too. Do you see where this leads?

So how are rolled oats different from regular oats? Think of it like original, unprocessed whole grain food from oat groats.

There is a slight technicality here. Rolled oats are not entirely unprocessed. They also go through the steps of de-husking, steaming, rolling into flaky flats, and lightly toasted.

Nevertheless, the process is minor. As a result, you find them in irregular shapes and a little thick but quick to cook. Rolled oats are a gem to my budgies. They practically flutter their wings at sight. I admit that introducing them to this snack was not so simple.

2. Quaker Oats

Can budgies eat quaker oats like us? Believe it or not, budgies observe what you eat and love to try it out. They may be shy at first but think of it as a challenge.

Quaker oats have been on the market before I was even born, and I love them more than anything for breakfast. One such morning led to feeding my budgies a few dry oats from the tin.

They were adamant about trying it in the beginning. Now, they flutter and chirp expectantly for oat treats almost every day. Moreover, other birds love oats too. If you prefer feeding wild birds on your lawn, spread some oats on the birdfeeder.

3. Cooked Oats

The dilemma is unavoidable. You know you can feed your budgies oats but are unsure whether to give it dry or cook it.

What you need to know is if cooking oats changes the nutritional value to a minimum or not. Some food items show a significant change in nutrition after cooking. Thankfully, oats do not fall in that category. It means your birds will enjoy both versions happily.

Remember that cooked oats are super-hot inside. Always cool the content thoroughly before serving the budgie residents.

Budgies: Regular Oats Consumption

Some friends who also own parakeets often asked me if oats can substitute for the usual pellet and seed diet. Oats are full of nutrients, too, right?

Here is what I explained:

  • Can budgies eat oats everyday? No, because it may overwhelm the little birds.
  • No matter the type of oats you offer, make sure you give them in small quantities.
  • Oats are power grains. While they keep us healthy and strong, overfeeding them to budgies may bloat their stomach.
  • Oats should be given in moderation. So, choose only a day of a week or two for the snack.
  • Opt for porridge oats during winter as it can help keep up the body temperature.
  • Always go for sugar-free oats.


1. Can budgies eat steel-cut oats?

Yes, they are also known as Irish oats, comprising greater fiber content. Budgies love these oats dry or cooked.

2. Can I feed oatmeal to my budgies?

Sure, as long as it has no preservatives or sweeteners, oatmeal is a safe food as an occasional treat.

3. Can I mix oats with other seeds to feed the budgies?

If that is how they like it, no problem mixing oats with other seeds. Budgies require their daily intake of mixed seeds, but they can live without oats. 
Hence, mix oats in moderation instead of making it a regular habit.

Final Words

So, can budgies eat oats? It does not matter what type is available at your place. Oats are friendly treats to any bird.

Additionally, oats are filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. I do not see why it should not be an occasional munching snack for our parakeet family members.

And it is fun to coincide our breakfast meals at times to enjoy together.

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