Can Cockatiels Eat Blackberries? Everything You Need To Know

Cockatiels are quite sensitive, which is why their food should be carefully selected. You might be familiar with the battle if you owned a cockatiel as a pet. As a result, whenever you buy fruits, you may question if they are suitable for your bird.

Likewise, can cockatiels eat blackberries? Yes, they can eat blackberries, and it’s also one of their favorite treats. Blackberries are quite rich in minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, they can prevent diabetes, cancer, and many avian illnesses.

This article will shed some light on how frequently you should give them blackberries and the risks of doing so. We will also delve deeper into the worth of blackberries in their balanced diet list and see other hazardous foods for cockatiels. So, if you’re concerned, please continue reading.

Can Cockatiels Eat Blackberries?

Cockatiels may consume blackberries. First and foremost, it is edible for them. Second, it is high in nutrients, which aids in their health and fitness.

The unique flavor and taste of blackberries attract cockatiels. Also, it’s not toxic for them. Thus, cockatiels love to eat blackberries.

As cockatiels are fond of eating blackberries, it is considered a great treat for your cockatiel. You can give them one to two blackberries per week. And make sure you don’t overfeed them; it may harm their health.

Nutritional Benefits of Blackberries for Cockatiels?

Blackberries are rich in antioxidants. These contain anthocyanins which are responsible for their red, purple, or bluish color. Besides, they are also rich in various kinds of vitamins and minerals.

According to the United States Department of Agricultural (USDA), we prepared a list of nutrients per 144g of blackberry serving. Take a look:

NutrientsAmount per 144g
Total fat1g
Dietary fiber8 g
Total Sugar7 g
Protein2 g
Calcium42 mg
Iron1 mg
Potassium235 mg
Vitamin C30.2 mg
Vitamin E1.68 mg
Vitamin K28.5 mcg

As Blackberries are rich in nutrients, it provides a vast range of health benefits to your cockatiel. A list of health benefits of blackberries on Cockatiels is given below:

  • Blackberries serve antioxidants and minerals to your bird’s body. These strengthen their immune system. Thus, they remain protected from various types of common avian illnesses.
  • A strong immune system boosts blood flow, including sugar level. Which helps in boosting their brain health.
  • Helps in healing wounds and also in regenerating skin.
  • The high dietary fiber of blackberries helps reduce cholesterol. Thus, it reduces the risk of a heart attack in cockatiels
  • Also, high fiber is very helpful for the digestive system, as it cont bowel movement.
  • Blackberries provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities that help in preventing a few types of oral bacterial diseases.
  • Also, blackberries are helpful to cockatiels in maintaining a shining and soft feather coat.

How To Prepare Blackberries For Feeding Your Cockatiel?

You just can’t and shouldn’t feed blackberries to your pet cockatiel randomly. Remember, you need to prepare the fruit before feeding, so it becomes easier for them to swallow.

You have to follow a few steps:

  1. Firstly, clean the blackberries. Because that could contain harmful pesticides or chemicals on its outer layer. This chemical might turn out very poisonous for your cockatiel.
  2. Remove the stem, as it’s not edible for your cockatiel.
  3. You must remove the seeds and vines of those blackberries. Because those can create difficulty in their ingestion.
  4. Serve fresh blackberries. Because rotten berries can contain various Microorganisms that could cause infectious diseases in the cockatiel.
  5. Remember to serve blackberries in a moderate amount. Otherwise, it can cause harm.

How Much Blackberries Can Cockatiel Have?

Cockatiel needs a balanced diet like any other bird. Though blackberries are very nutritious, they are not enough to meet the balanced diet requirements solely. Therefore, Blackberries shouldn’t hold the major portion of Cockatiel’s daily diet.

These are just one type of additional treatment to your birds to make them happy. Sometimes, when they lose their appetite, blackberries can be served as appetizers. But remember, blackberries shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your bird’s daily food intake.

They can only eat a couple of Blackberries once a week. The remaining portion of food intake should be a balanced diet, including pallets or different types of healthy vegetables.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t feed blackberries as the only fruit to your cockatiel. It’s better if you feed various combinations of fruits to your pet. This will also ensure balanced nutrition.

What Are The Side Effects of Feeding Blackberries to Your Cockatiel?

When your cockatiel eats blackberries in great amounts, side effects can be seen. List of side effects:

  • Blackberries contain too much sugar, which is very high for a cockatiel. Though sugar isn’t toxic, excessive sugar levels can take a toll on them.
  • The dietary fiber of blackberries can cause digestive problems, diarrhea, etc., to your pet bird.
  • Enhanced and unnecessary regeneration of skin can cause cysts and tumors in Cockatiel’s body.

What Should You Feed Your Cockatiel Instead of Blackberries?

You should maintain a balanced diet for your cockatiel. The main portion of the diet should be pellets. This should be approximately 60% of their daily food intake. Seeds and grains are good options as pellet foods.

Generally, cockatiels eat 15 g of food every day. Therefore, they have to consume 9-10.5 g of grains per day. Besides, you can also feed them a plethora of other foods.

The second most important portion is various types of vegetables like pumpkin pieces, cabbage, carrots, etc. These should make up to 30% of their daily food intake.

Furthermore, try to serve your cockatiel with organic fruits and vegetables. Remember, chemicals, fertilizer, and pesticides can be fatal for your bird. So, wash those fruits and vegetables thoroughly before serving.


In this section, you will come to know about the answers few mostly-asked questions regarding cockatiels and blackberries.

Which One Between Blueberries And Blackberries Is More Preferable For Cockatiel?

Nutritional values are almost similar for both blackberries and blueberries and they’re equally good for cockatiels when consumed in moderation. Thus, you need to control their consumption of these two fruits.

Blackberries are larger than blueberries in size. Therefore, it’s easier for a cockatiel to eat blueberries one after one, which may harm their health. Thus, blackberries are preferable.

How Can Blackberries Prevent Oral Disease Of Cockatiel?

Blackberries are capable of destroying the bacteria of oral disease. This fruit has some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements. Thus, oral disease bacteria can’t spread in the cockatiel’s mouth. Also, blackberries contain vitamin C, which helps to prevent any kind of oral disease.


Are you still confused about, Can Cockatiels Eat Blackberries? Cockatiels can eat blackberries. Besides, this fruit serves a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to them. Therefore, feeding Blackberries to your avian friend provides a lot of health benefits.

But, you shouldn’t feed your bird blackberry in excessive amounts. Rather, feed a balanced diet containing pellets and vegetables. Also, you shouldn’t choose any food items which are very toxic and poisonous for your cockatiels.

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