Can Cockatiels Eat Chicken? Let’s Find Out The Truth

Chicken is a fantastic source of protein and other nutrients for people. However, when giving it to another bird, one could have second thoughts. Since there are several predatory birds, chicken is not an unfamiliar food to them.

But given their small size and friendliness, can cockatiels eat chicken? In short, yes, cockatiels can surely eat chicken. Despite cockatiels being mostly raised on vegetables and seeds, they can eat, digest and benefit from eating meat. However, it should only be given in very small amounts and not regularly. Chicken also contains fats, which, if taken in relatively large amounts, can make your cockatiel sick.

To feed chicken to your cockatiel, it is crucial to understand a few things. This includes the meat preparation method, the chicken’s quality, and the amount of chicken per serving. To know about these essential factors, keep on reading!

Can Cockatiels Eat Chicken?

Cockatiels are commonly known to like fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they can also eat meats like chicken. Chicken is packed with nutrients, particularly protein. It can be beneficial for your cockatiel if prepared and given correctly.

That said, the chicken should only be served in very small amounts once in a while. Feeding your cockatiel chicken will provide it with lots of protein and energy, which in turn will allow your cockatiel to be more active and healthy.

The portion size is probably the most crucial factor when feeding your cockatiel chicken. Moreover, it is extremely important to check for any pieces of bones when you serve your cockatiel chicken, as swallowing them can be fatal for your cockatiel.

Can Cockatiels Eat Cooked Chicken?

Can Cockatiels Eat Chicken? Let’s Find Out The Truth 1

Yes, and it is the best way to feed your cockatiel chicken. When preparing chicken for your cockatiel, it is very important to cook it until it reaches a safe temperature.

When cooking the chicken, it is best to boil it plain.  You should not use any salt or spices; this is because spices are too hot for them to consume. However, if boiling is not an option available or convenient to you, there are numerous other ways: grilling, baking, etc.

Moreover, steaming is also a great option for preparing chicken for your cockatiel. It is recommended to cook the meat until its white and has no pink color.

In addition, the meat should be served at room temperature. If the meat is too hot, it can burn your bird’s mouth and tongue. Which will not only hurt them but also make your cockatiel unable to eat other foods for a long period.

How Much Meat Can Your Cockatiel Have?

When feeding your cockatiel chicken, it is very important to note that chicken meat is something very unusual for them to eat. Therefore, it should only be provided as treats or something you give them once in a while to change things up.

A cockatiel’s diet should mainly consist of pellets which basically should take up about 60 percent of your cockatiel’s diet. A 30% should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the rest should consist of treats and any other exotic food. Your cockatiel needs a very balanced diet for it to stay healthy and happy.

As a result, if you want to feed your cockatiel chicken, it should not exceed 30 percent of your bird’s daily food intake. Chicken can be used as an alternative to fruits, greens, or treats but should not and can not take the place of pellets.

Steps To Prepare Chicken For Your Cockatiel.

It is very important to prepare chicken the right way if your want your cockatiel to eat chicken. You can follow these steps to safely prepare chicken for your cockatiel.

  • Get a high-quality and fresh chicken.
  • Cook it at your desired method without any seasoning, salt, or oil, until there are no pink spots and the meat reaches a safe temperature.
  • Shred the chicken or slice it into small bite-sized pieces so that your cockatiel can eat it easily.
  • Scan for any sort of bones that might be in the meat before serving.
  • Lastly, provide your bird with lots of fresh water.

Do Cockatiels Even Like Eating Chicken?

Cooked chicken for Cockatiel

Cockatiels are very curious little creatures, and if they see you eating chicken, they can try and nibble on your chicken. Even though chicken is an unusual food for cockatiels, they usually seem to enjoy it as treats or snacks.

Even if your pet seems to enjoy chicken, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to let your cockatiel have a lot of chicken or have it regularly.

Can Chicken Be Harmful To Your Cockatiel?

Chicken meat could be harmful to your cockatiel in a lot of ways. Firstly, chicken contains a lot of fat when talking about feeding it to your cockatiel. Consumption of large amounts of chicken can thus lead to various health problems for your cockatiel.

Secondly, if you give your cockatiel leftover chicken, then it can be dangerous. The chicken we eat contains a lot of spices and salts to make it enjoyable for us. But these things are not at all fit for consumption for your cockatiel.


After learning everything there is to know about cockatiels and chicken, let’s look at some frequently asked questions. It will undoubtedly answer some more queries you might have.

Can cockatiels eat raw chicken?

It is not best to give your cockatiel raw chicken due to salmonella. Raw chicken can make humans sick because of salmonella poisoning; thus, it might also make your cockatiel sick.

Can cockatiels eat chicken nuggets?

No, because it is not ideal at all to feed your cockatiel chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets contain a lot of spices and salt. On top of that, it is usually cooked with a lot of oil, which means it has a lot of fat which is not good for your pet bird.

Can you provide chicken mixed in with other foods, such as seeds or vegetables?

Yes, you can mix small amounts of chicken in with the other foods you normally give to your cockatiel. However, you should be very careful of the total macros of the dish as chicken already contains fat, and some vegetables contain a lot of sugar.


So, can cockatiels eat chicken? Yes, they can. Although, frankly speaking, there is no need for chicken in your cockatiel’s diet despite it providing nutrients. There are far better alternatives to provide a full and healthy diet.

Your pet cockatiel’s diet should mainly consist of pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Chicken just happens to be an unusual food for your cockatiel. However, it can still be provided as treats to change things up, which is also very good.

With that being said, We hope you’ll be able to look after your bird’s diet. But do not neglect yours either!

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