Can Cockatiels Eat Eggs? The Right Way To Feed Egg To Cockatiels

If you have a pet cockatiel, you should undoubtedly be concerned about its nutrition, especially about protein. There are many protein sources; the egg is one of them, and we love eggs as our protein source.

But can cockatiels eat eggs? Yes, cockatiels can eat eggs in moderation. As it is a good source of protein, it also contains a lot of fat. So, it would be better to serve eggs to your cockatiel once or twice a week. Also, you should avoid raw eggs to prevent any type of bacteria which may harm your cockatiels.

Keep reading to understand the eggs’ nutrition facts and how they are allowable for your cockatiels. It will help you to measure the right time and amount to serve your lovely pet.

Can Cockatiels Eat Eggs? Nutrition Facts of Eggs

Yes, cockatiels can eat unseasoned boiled or cooked eggs in moderation. Although raw eggs are also nontoxic and edible for cockatiels, they should be avoided to prevent bacterial contamination.

In the following table, we have shown the nutrition facts of both hard-boiled and scrambled eggs and compared them with the nutrition facts of raw eggs.

Nutrition FactsHard Boiled EggRaw EggScrambled Egg
Total Fat5.3g4.8g6.7g
Saturated Fat1.6g1.6g2g
Dietary Fiber000
Vitamin D1.1mcg1mcg1.1mcg

Note: Egg is a good source of protein, and also contains higher fat levels as well as cholesterol.

In addition to these nutritional details, eggs are practically pH neutral by nature. An approximate pH level of 6.0 makes up a fresh egg yolk, which rises from 6.4 to 6.9 with preservation.

However, egg white, with a pH of 7.6, is one of the few foods that are naturally alkaline. Over time, the pH level rises up to 9.2.  Consequently, the egg is not harmful to the acidity of your pet birds.

Why Are Eggs Beneficial to Cockatiels?

Theegg is one of the nutritious foods which is a good source of protein. Protein is needed for the growth of your cockatiels and to gain energy.

Besides, the egg’s yolk is full of natural choline, which is great for developing the brains of the eaters. As you know, cockatiels have their own life. So, they have to develop their brain for their survival. Brain development helps to think fast, which is a bird’s instinctive need.

Aside from the choline, the protein of eggs contains a significant number of amino acids. It also enriches the brain’s function. And we might have known that lives can’t produce amino acids on their own. So, you have to provide food that contains amino acids.

In this case, eggs are a good source of amino acid you should provide to your cockatiel for their brain’s growth. On the other hand, eggs also contain high levels of cholesterol and fat, which are not good for your pets. As a result, you should give eggs to your cockatiels once per week, or sometimes twice, max.

Can Cockatiels Eat Boiled Eggs?

Yes, your cockatiels can eat boiled eggs, both soft and hard. You should peel the eggshell before serving the boiled eggs to your pet. Also, hard-boiled eggs normally don’t contain any bacteria, which are refined during the boiling process.

So, boiled eggs are the safest way to serve eggs to your cockatiels. Eggs, on the other hand, provide many nutrients to your cockatiels which are necessary for your cockatiels’ health, growth and energy.

Similarly, eggs contain protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, necessary fat, and many other nutrients. Serving the right amount of egg is recommended by veterinary physicians. But, you have to limit the egg as your cockatiel’s food to prevent a lot of cholesterol and fat.

Can Cockatiels Eat Raw Eggs?

Cockatiels are no exception to the rule that birds in the wild would take the eggs of other species of birds in order to devour them. To answer your question, the cockatiel you keep in captivity is able to consume uncooked eggs. The protein content of a raw egg is higher than that of a boiled egg.

However, keep in mind that raw eggs can bear bacteria on their shells. So, it would not be safe to provide raw eggs to your captive cockatiels.

Can Cockatiels Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Yes, cockatiels can eat scrambled eggs too, but you have to cut the egg into pieces before serving it to your pet. This will help your cockatiels to eat them easily. Thus, you can’t use any other seasoning elements, spices, salt, oil, fats, or other things to prepare scrambled eggs.

Before serving, cut the eggs that have been scrambled into pieces so that they are more manageable. In addition, due to the soft nature of scrambled eggs, cockatiels find them to be quite simple to digest.

Moreover, cockatiels enjoy scrambled eggs:

The Way You Should Serve Eggs To Your Captive Cockatiels

As you have already known that you can give eggs to your cockatiels, here is a summary of how to feed eggs to them.

Make sure the eggs don’t contain any type of external ingredients as we do-

  • Salt, oil
  • Alcohol
  • Butter
  • Seasoning, or cooking spray

Also, chopping the eggs into smaller pieces will make it easier for them to consume. Do not cook the eggs in the microwave because doing so is extremely risky for your cockatiel’s health.

When boiling the eggs or making scrambled eggs, use a cooking pan made of stainless steel. Cookware that is nonstick should be avoided. It’s possible that they’ll release hazardous chemicals.


Below are answers to some commonly asked questions on the topic.

Do cockatiels eat their own eggs?

This may sound weird, but cockatiels sometimes consume their own eggs in special situations. Cockatiels only eat their own eggs when they crack during laying. However, mother cockatiels don’t eat their eggs if they are preserved well.

On the other hand, they might eat their eggs if they are extremely hungry. Also, if the cockatiels understand that the eggs are not fertile and give birth to chicks, they will eat them.

Should you feed eggshells to your cockatiels?

Not necessarily, but you can provide eggshells to your cockatiels in a very infrequent way. Since eggshells contain a good amount of calcium which is important for bones, they could be served.

Nevertheless, as eggshells contain bacteria, you should serve them after boiling the shells well. Also, crush the shells before serving. Otherwise, they can harm the esophagus of your cockatiels.

Key Takeaways

So, can cockatiels eat eggs? Eggs are nutritious for both humans and birds. As expected, your cockatiels can eat eggs. However, this should be done occasionally- once a week.

On the other hand, make sure the serving eggs don’t contain any harmful elements or bacteria. Cook the egg well before serving. Don’t use any additional spices on seasoning. This will not be good for your cockatiels’ health.

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