Can Cockatiels Eat Graham Crackers?

When deciding what treats to give to a cockatiel, it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s safe and what isn’t. There are plenty of treats out there that are unsafe or just aren’t very healthy. Graham crackers are a treat many people like offering their pet birds.

You might be wondering, can cockatiels eat graham crackers? Yes, cockatiels can eat graham crackers, but only in moderation. However, graham crackers do not have a lot of nutritional value for cockatiels. Therefore, your pet will need a variety of other foods besides graham crackers.

But what exactly are graham crackers, and how much nutritional value do they hold? Moreover, how much should you serve your cockatiel? For this and more, read on!

Can Cockatiels Eat Graham Crackers?

Can Cockatiels Eat Graham Crackers?

Cockatiels can eat graham crackers safely as a treat but not as a regular part of their diet. Because graham crackers contain little nutritional value, they are not a good substitute for regular bird food.

But before we elaborate further, what exactly are graham crackers?

Graham crackers are basically the healthy version of digestive biscuits. They are made from whole wheat flour or graham flour, sugar, fat (usually butter), honey, baking soda/powder, salt, and sometimes spices like cinnamon. Also, graham crackers might contain chocolate chips for extra sweetness if desired.

Too many graham crackers are not good for cockatiels, and for a good reason.

Depending on the brand, graham crackers can have high sugar and salt additives that can be harmful. Cockatiels can get sick if they eat too much salt and sugar. Secondly, graham crackers have wheat flour which is difficult for cockatiels to digest. More importantly, it has little nutritional value.

But how much nutritional content are we talking about? The table shows the nutritional content per one serving of graham crackers.

Protein2 g
Fat3 g
Saturated Fat0.5 g
Cholesterol0  mg
Carbohydrates23 g
Fiber1 g
Sugar7 g
Sodium155 mg
Calcium23 mg
Iron1 mg

Note: The nutrition information should be considered an estimate since graham crackers might have different ingredients.

You can conclude that graham crackers do not have a nutritional punch as a stand-alone food. However, when you pair graham crackers with the right cockatiel food, it can be a vehicle for other nutrients to enter the diet.

Think commercial bird seeds, pellets, fresh or dried fruit, or leafy greens. These are all nutritious foods that pair well with graham crackers. Also, you can flavor them with a few drops of liquid multivitamins. And be sure your pet has access to clean water at all times.

Do Cockatiels Love Graham Crackers?

Do Cockatiels Love Graham Crackers?

Cockatiels love to have graham crackers as treats, and they are good for them too! But they should not be a staple of a bird’s diet. Your pet will enjoy it as a snack in addition to their daily diet.

How Many Graham Crackers Should Cockatiels Eat?

Treats like graham crackers should only make up a small portion of your bird’s daily diet. Therefore, ensure only to give your pet a small amount since there is more salt and carb than is good for them.

Keep graham crackers limited to no more than 20 percent of your cockatiel’s diet, feeding them in small quantities as a treat. A cockatiel should have no more than 2 graham crackers per day.

Consequences When Cockatiels Eat Too Many Graham Crackers

Consequences When Cockatiels Eat Too Many Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are an excellent dietary addition to your cockatiel’s diet. They are low in fat, supply some nutrients, and, most importantly, they are a fun treat for the birds.

However, if you feed graham crackers to your cockatiels too often or too large a quantity, you may create problems for your birds without even realizing it. Weight gain, diarrhea, and lack of nutrients are the consequences when cockatiels eat too many graham crackers.

How To Serve Graham crackers To Your Cockatiel

Serve as a crunchy treat alongside clean water.

You can crumble one or two graham crackers into your cockatiel’s meal to provide it with a boost of carbohydrates and healthy grains. Also, you can serve it whole. The bird’s beak is designed to break down crackers, which is why they can eat them.

Remove any uneaten pieces of graham cracker from the cage to avoid mold.

Can Baby Cockatiels Eat Graham Crackers

Can Baby Cockatiels Eat Graham Crackers

When offered in moderation, graham crackers are a safe and tasty treat for cockatiels of all ages. So yes, you can feed graham crackers to baby cockatiels.

To feed cockatiel chicks, crumble the graham crackers into manageable pieces to avoid choking. Also, you can soak it in water to soften it. Avoid soaking in milk since it contains lactose which can cause digestive problems.


The following are some frequently asked questions about feeding cockatiels Graham crackers, along with their answers.

What kind of crackers are best for cockatiels?

The greatest recommendation is to simply purchase the plainest crackers you can find because there are obviously many different kinds of crackers. The best crackers typically have the widest range of health benefits without being overly calorie-dense. These include plain, unsalted multi-grain crackers.

Can I feed my cockatiel cheese crackers?

Cheese contains significant levels of lactose and salt, both of which should not be consumed by birds, especially in big quantities. Ensure to choose cheeses that are low in lactose and salt if you want to give your bird some as a snack.

Can cockatiels eat honey graham crackers?

Although they do not harm birds, crackers are just empty calories that won’t add much to your pet’s diet. Depending on the brand, they may have significant levels of salt, sugar, and corn syrup.


Adding a few grams of graham crackers to your bird’s diet is a great way to add variety to his diet. However, you should always watch the bird closely and make sure that he doesn’t ingest too much or too little of any food. The best thing about graham crackers is that it is easy to give your bird, and most pet stores have various brands. So you can find something your bird will enjoy easily!

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