Can Cockatiels Eat Green Beans? Everything You Need To Know

Cockatiels are mostly simple to care for and make excellent pets. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check what food you’re giving your pet if you’re a new pet owner. Not everything can be consumed since various animals have different digestive systems.

With that being said, can cockatiels eat green beans? To keep it short, yes. The majority of cockatiels’ diet consists of small seeds and vegetables, and a green bean is a perfect fit. Instead of making beans their main diet, it is suggested to offer them as treats or in addition to other foods.

If you’re willing to feed your bird beans, there are a few more things to consider. In this article, we’ll walk you through every detail you need to know about feeding your bird green bean. So let’s dig in!

Can Cockatiels Eat Green Beans?

Can Cockatiels Eat Green Beans?

In general, cockatiels are herbivores and are known to eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Likewise, beans are not only consumable for them but are also one of their favorite foods.

Green beans turn out to be very good for their diet as well. It consists of protein and vitamins and is very nutritious for them as well. Very important vitamins like vitamin K that can help in healing and strengthening bones are known to be found in green beans as well.

Furthermore, it also contains folic acid, which is very health beneficial for the female birds while carrying eggs. It also contains beta carotene, which has been found effective in resisting birds from plucking their own feathers.

How To Feed Your Cockatiel Green Beans?

How To Feed Your Cockatiel Green Beans?

If you’re wondering, can cockatiels eat raw green beans? Yes, they can, and do not hesitate to feed it to them. However, we advise you to give it to them as treats or in addition to other food items.

It’s best to use some caution while giving them beans from the grocery store. Generally speaking, these beans are grown and kept utilizing a variety of chemicals and pesticides. Which may be alright for us to eat but are not safe for your birds. Thus, wash them thoroughly with water before giving them to your cockatiel.

Lastly, rather than just assuming that they like it straight ahead, try giving it in small amounts initially just to observe if they like it.

Should Green Beans Be Served Cooked Or Raw?

Should Green Beans Be Served Cooked Or Raw?

The appropriate way to give your bird a green bean is to give it to them raw. Cockatiels tend to prefer raw beans to cooked ones simply because that’s how they find them in nature. Moreover, cooking them is an extra burden for you.

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering can cockatiels eat cooked green beans, the answer is yes. But if you wish to cook them, then make sure it’s not too oily, and avoid cooking in butter or adding additional salt.

Too much oil and other spices can be a problem for their digestion. However, other than that, there’s no serious threat to cooking your beans either.

If you’re just stuck on how to process your green bean, we prefer to just keep it raw. Just make sure you wash them well and include a variety of diets while feeding them. We’re sure your bird will love it!

How Much Green Bean Is Good For Your Cockatiel?

How Much Green Bean Is Good For Your Cockatiel?

Cockatiels have excellent digestive systems and can digest any food quickly. However, that doesn’t mean you can feed them as many beans as you want. Even though green beans seem to be very beneficial for their diet, an excessive amount of anything isn’t good for their wellbeing.

Thus we advise you to feed them beans only once a day and not more than 2 to 3 times a week.

Furthermore, the portion size also matters. The portion should be small and preferably along with other food. We advise you to chop the beans into smaller pieces so it’s easier for them to consume. As we said earlier, giving them green beans in the form of treats rather than as a full meal is the right way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll look into some of the most frequent questions people have when feeding their cockatiels beans. Hopefully, it’ll clear off whatever doubts you still have.

Are Mung Beans Good For Cockateils?

Just like green beans, mung beans are also very beneficial for cockatiels as they consist great amount of proteins. However, only one to two mung beans a day is sufficient enough. Giving them any more may not be good for their health.

Can Cockatiels Eat Baked Beans?

Baked beans are a great alternative to cooked beans, and some cockatiels love them even more than having them raw. Thus, if you want to bake your beans, go ahead! But still be thoughtful of seasoning, as making them have spices may not be a good idea.

Can Cockatiels Eat Canned Green Beans?

Canned food should be avoided for cockatiels, especially canned beans. This is because they often consist of seasoning, which can be harmful to your pet. On the other hand, fresh food is always preferred and liked by the birds more.

Can Cockatiels Eat Dried Green Bean?

There is no problem with feeding your cockatiels dried beans and they can surely digest it. However, your bird may not prefer it over fresh beans, so try to observe their liking by offering only a small amount at first.


So, can cockatiels eat green beans? Yes, and you should definitely feed it to them. But as we said earlier, an excessive portion of it can be harmful. So give it only as treats and in addition to other foods.

Try to serve it raw, as that’s how they like it more. But most importantly, don’t forget to wash them properly to wash off any harmful chemicals or pesticides on them.

With that being said, we hope you now know everything about feeding your cockatiels green beans. They are remarkable creatures, so take care of them. While not neglecting your own health as well.

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