Can Finches Eat Strawberries? [Any Health Benefit Of It?]

Though finches are seed-eating birds, they do eat various vegetables and fruits as well. Often, bird owners offer different vegetables and fruits to finches as they are on the top list of their favorites after seeds.

Among the fruits, finches like to have berries like strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. Because these fruits are sweet and attract the finches with their bright colors, they can be both tasty and nutritious, which is a beneficial addition to their regular diet.

If you are a finch owner and wondering whether can finches eat strawberries or not, this article can clear up all your confusion.

Do Finches Eat Strawberries?

Fruits can be an excellent treat for finches as they contain loads of vitamins and nutrients. Besides, finches also enjoy fresh fruits with their regular meal as it adds a bit of variety to their diet.

Most people think finches only eat seeds as they are seed-eating birds. But you can add portions of fruits to their diet so that they can maintain good health.

So, can finches have strawberries? Yes, finches love strawberries, but you have to make sure they have a limited portion of strawberries with their regular meal. Arrange such a food pellet consisting of seeds and fruits that contains essential nutrients for their health.

If you allow your finches to have as many strawberries as they want, it might affect their health negatively. So, make sure to maintain an optimum quantity.

How to Feed Strawberries to Finches?

Strawberries can be a part of the regular diet of finches because they contain vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and fiber that are necessary for a perfectly balanced meal.

But, the seeds of strawberries might be an issue while feeding your finches because these seeds can be harmful to them. So, you should follow proper instructions for feeding strawberries to finches. A detailed guideline regarding this can help you out.

Cutting the Strawberries

Though finches love strawberries, at first, you should make sure whether your finches love to eat those or not.

Cut a strawberry in half and wait for a couple of minutes after placing it into the cage. If you notice that they have almost finished that half, it means that your finches are loving it.

Often, finch owners offer strawberries to their finches after removing the top of them. But finches also like to have the top with leaves on it. Besides, this part adds vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to their daily diet. So, do not remove the top of the strawberries while giving them to your finches.

Always cut the strawberries into tiny bite-size pieces so that your finches can comfortably eat them. Clean them with fresh water before cutting them.

Serving with Water

You can feed strawberries to the finches by serving them with water. Cut the strawberries into thin slices and put them in a bowl with some water. Replace the water and the strawberry slices after a few hours so that it remains fresh every time your finches eat it.

This is an excellent way to feed strawberries to your finches as they consume more water with the strawberry slices. Besides, it also gives their taste buds a new kick of sweet and fruity taste.

Mixing with Seeds and Grains

Though finches love strawberries, you should not allow them to have large portions of these rather than seeds and grains. It is essential to maintain a perfect diet including a small portion of fruits.

Prepare a mixture of seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables for the daily diet plan. Provide finely chopped strawberries that cover 25 percent of the whole meal.

If you are giving the finches strawberries mixed with seeds, try to keep the mixture on the floor — because finches have a natural instinct of eating from flat surfaces, and it is more appealing to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are strawberries suitable for finches?

Strawberries contain several nutritious elements like vitamins, minerals, and fibers. These elements provide your finches health benefits like better digestion, regulating body water, and increasing metabolism.

Do finches eat the top part of strawberries?

The top part of the strawberries consists of strawberry leaves which are also favorites to finches. These are edible and provide essential fiber and antioxidants to them. If you offer your finches strawberries along with the top, they will enjoy them fully.

Do finches eat strawberry jelly?

Most birds, including finches, love sweet treats. So, fruit preserves are also appealing to them like fresh fruits. As finches are fond of strawberries, they also love to have strawberry jam and jelly.

Final Words

Finches are fond of different fruits besides seeds and grains, and strawberries are their absolute favorites. If you are providing them a perfectly balanced portion of strawberries, it can be really beneficial to them.

Hopefully, this article clears all your queries about whether can finches eat strawberries or not.

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