Cockatiel Temperature Range? – What Temperature Is Too Hot Or Too Cold For Cockatiels?

Cockatiels are native to the Australian desert, which is extremely hot, humid, and dry. During the summer, temperatures range from 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit and 61 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Looking at this, you might wonder, what is the cockatiel temperature range?

The ideal temperature range for a cockatiel is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, your pet bird can tolerate higher or lower temperatures than this if the change is subtle and not sudden. However, baby cockatiels without feathers need higher temperatures, up to 96 degrees.

So, what is the best room temp for a cockatiel? Stay right here to find out more about the cockatiel’s temperature range.

What Is A Cockatiel Temperature Range?

The temperature range for cockatiels varies based on the age of your bird. Generally, the ideal temperature range for a fully weaned and feathered cockatiel is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, a newborn cockatiel with no feathers should stay in an environment between 94 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit. But as your bird grows and can sleep comfortably, you must gradually reduce the temperatures to 80 degrees.

Below is a chart on how to gradually reduce the temperature for your cockatiel from one day old until it’s weaned.

Age of Cockatiel ChicksTemperature Range (Degrees Fahrenheit)
1 to 5 days94 to 96
6 to 9 days93 to 95
10 days to 2 weeks91 to 93
2 to 3 weeks86 to 90
3 to 4 weeks81 to 85
4 to 5 weeks76 to 80
5 weeks to weaning81 to 85

Accordingly, these birds can withstand temperatures as low as 40 degrees and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in their natural habitats. That is the reason  cockatiels are desert birds from the outback regions of Australia.

Therefore, your cockatiels can adapt to various temperature ranges, even in captivity, but this is only if the temperature changes are not drastic. If the changes are sudden, your bird may go into shock and die.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Cockatiels?

The most comfortable and safe temperature for cockatiels is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But what temperature is too cold for these birds?

Anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit will be too cold for your cockatiels. If exposed for too long to freezing temperatures, your pet birds may experience hypothermia, an overly fatal condition. So, without quick intervention, your cockatiel could die.

This is because these birds are not overly tolerant of cold temperatures. Thus, they get chilled in cool temperatures below 70 degrees. Nevertheless, they can still withstand temperatures as low as 50 degrees if the changes are subtle.

How Do I Tell If My Cockatiel Is Cold?

Besides using a thermometer to keep track of the temperature changes, there are other ways to tell if your bird is cold. These include:


Similar to humans, cockatiels also shiver when they are cold. If it is too cold, your birds will shiver or shake to generate more heat and increase their metabolic rate.

Feather fluffing

Cockatiels puff up when the temperatures are frigid to trap a large amount of warm air in their body. This helps them stay warm long enough.

Burying the beak in the chest

If you spot your cockatiels tucking their beak in the chest and they are not preening, they are cold. Burying their beaks helps shelter their head from the cold.


Cockatiels utilize a lot of energy to keep themselves warm. And because the process is tiring, your birds may appear lethargic when temperatures are freezing.

Tucking the legs under the feathers

Another way to tell your cockatiel is cold is if you spot it standing on one leg. The other leg is usually buried under its feathers to minimize heat loss.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For Cockatiels?

Your pet birds will find temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit uncomfortable. However, like in the wild, cockatiels can tolerate high temperatures of up to 105 degrees.

That said, anything above 110 degrees Fahrenheit will be too hot for your birds. Hence, your cockatiels could suffer from overheating and dehydration under these high temperatures. And without quick intervention, your birds could die from heatstroke.

How can I tell when my cockatiel is too hot?

While cockatiels can adapt to a wide range of temperatures, they can get uncomfortable when exposed to high temperatures for very long. In this case, you can tell your bird is extremely hot by watching out for the following signs:

Panting or heavy breathing

Cockatiels don’t have sweat glands. Therefore, when suffering from heat stress, your birds may pant or breathe heavily to allow evaporation through the mouth.

Spreading the wings

Your cockatiels will spread their wings and hold them in the air when feeling too hot. This technique allows the birds to lose excess heat more quickly.

Feather plucking

Heat stress may cause your bird to pluck some of its feathers to regulate its temperature. Although not common, feather-plucking occurs when you expose your cockatiel to high temperatures over a long time.

Molting out of season

Cockatiels are prone to frequent molting when exposed to hot conditions. In other words, you can tell whether or not your bird is hot if it keeps molting out of season.

How Do You Warm Up A Cold Cockatiel?

If the temperatures drop suddenly, your cockatiel may have difficulties coping with the cold. And without any intervention, your bird may die. So, below are some tips on how to keep your cockatiel warm:

  • Utilize space heaters or heat lamps
  • Give your birds more toys to play with
  • Cover their cage at night
  • Install a heated perch
  • Relocate the enclosure to a draft-free room
  • Affix a cage tent

How Do You Cool Down An Overheating Cockatiel?

When the temperatures rise above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, your cockatiel may overheat. Consequently, this may lead to heat stroke, which can be life-threatening if untreated. Check out these tips on how to cool down your pet bird.

  • Provide shade
  • Give your birds a light mist spray
  • Offer them water to keep them hydrated
  • Provide them with frequent baths
  • Turn the fan or air conditioner on
  • Leave the windows open


In this section, we will respond to frequently asked queries about the safe temperature for cockatiels. Check them out.

Does covering the cockatiel’s cage at night keep it warm?

Yes. Covering your cockatiel’s birdcage using a cage cover or a blanket may help keep the air inside warm and draft-free. The important thing is you use a breathable cover.

Can cockatiels die from high or cold temperatures?

Indeed, your pet bird could die from heat stroke when exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Similarly, these birds could die from the extreme cold once hypothermia sets in.

What temperature is safe for fully-feathered cockatiels?

Cockatiels and most pet birds are most comfortable staying in a house with a median temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Takeaways

A cockatiel can withstand a wide range of hot and cold temperatures, whether in captivity or in the wild. However, in captivity, you should provide your pet bird with room temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees. That said, knowing what temperature is too cold for cockatiels or too hot is critical. This is because your birds could die if exposed to high or cold temperatures for extended periods. More so, you should learn how to tell if your bird is cold or hot.

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