Do Cockatiels Need a Companion?

In their natural habitats, cockatiels live in small groups. These family groups provide a sense of belonging and protection from predators. Therefore, being a pet owner, you should try to provide a similar environment to its natural habitat.

So, do cockatiels need a companion? Yes. Cockatiels need a companion. However, the companion does not have to be another cockatiel. The companion can be the pet owner or another bird. The lack of a companion will make the bird feel lonely and depressed since it is a social bird.

This article explains further the cockatiel’s need for a companion and what type of companionship is best for the bird.

Do Cockatiels Need a Companion?

Do Cockatiels Need a Companion?

Cockatiels are social and friendly pets. Therefore, they need a companion to remain healthy and active. The suitable companionship keeps the bird engaged and active, reducing the chances of boredom and stress.

When providing a companion, take note of the cockatiels’ response towards the incoming company. If the response is hostile, separate them until they bond to prevent possible fights.

As Avian Avenue Parrot Forums points out, cockatiels raised and bred by humans develop a soft relationship with humans and may prefer human companionship. In such cases, spend time with your pet after work. With human companionship, cockatiels may not need to get another partner.

Free your cockatiel from the cage and spend time with it to bond. Being social and friendly, cockatiels will play around with you serving their primary purpose of being a pet.

You may choose to provide a mate as a companion. Be keen to bring one that is compatible to avoid fights. Since cockatiels choose their mating partners naturally, carry your cockatiels while purchasing a mate so that they can select their preferred partner.

Do Cockatiels Need To Be In Pairs?

Do Cockatiels Need To Be In Pairs?

Pairing your cockatiels is good for companionship and a sense of security. When paired with the opposite sex, it gives a chance for mating hence expanding the family.

However, cockatiels do not have to be in pairs. Cockatiels can live a solitary life with the companion of humans and other pets such as doves.

You should separate the two birds with a mesh if the pairing is hostile to allow slow bonding. With time, they will start making bonding sounds, and you can eventually cage them together.

While in pairs, be keen to provide enough food and space for the birds to play. Keep an eye on the pair to understand ways of improving their interaction while in the cage.

Do Cockatiels Need A Mate?

Do Cockatiels Need A Mate?

Yes. Cockatiels need a mating partner for a lifetime. This is because cockatiels mate for a lifetime. However, cockatiels choose one mate and stick to each other for a lifetime. You will notice that the mates remain close and spend a lot of time bonding and mating.

The most exciting part is that cockatiels select their preferred mates; hence an attempt to force it into another mate will lead to fights. Their existence will be marked by screams, fights, and feather plucking.

For the best bonding, pick cockatiels at their early stages before they interact with other mates. However, it’s not a must that you provide them with mates. You can purchase another cockatiel to expand the family instead of mating to rear young ones.

How Much Companionship Does A Cockatiel Need?

How Much Companionship Does A Cockatiel Need?

Cockatiels need companionship all the time. During the day, cockatiels need a friendly partnership with other birds or the pet keeper. The company will reduce boredom and get the bird active. Pet owners can spend time feeding cockatiels.

Cockatiels will crave full-time companionship. However, you can choose to keep them company while feeding, cleaning their cage, and late in the evening after retiring from work. During such activities, cockatiels will make sounds to communicate particular messages, such as whether it is time for feeding or getting out of the cage.

Introduce another bird or a mate for full-time companionship all day and night. Such measures will ensure the bird is safe during the night from severe night frights. According to cockatiel cottage, it will tend to only want companionship from you if you got your cockatiel from an abusive keeper. In such cases, give that cockatiel as much attention as you can.

Can Two Cockatiels Be Housed Together?

Can Two Cockatiels Be Housed Together?

Cockatiels can be housed together in one cage. However, the cage must be spacious with the necessary accompaniments to allow for mutual existence. Housing two cockatiels together provide much-needed companionship.

The cage should have enough perching points and food troughs for the birds to feed and rest without fighting. Ensure you inspect and observe the bird’s behavior to improve their peaceful co-existence. When bringing in a partner cockatiel, ensure they are comfortable living together. If you hear too much noise as they fight, separate them until they bond. Another indicator of hostility is the plucking of feathers and body weight loss.

Finally, provide enough food to the birds and try to identify what every bird likes to eat. For cockatiel keepers with limited time for their pets, having two cockatiels under one cage can help compensate for the companionship.


Below are frequently asked questions to help you understand the social and companion life of cockatiels.

Does my cockatiel need a friend?

Yes. Cockatiels need a friend to socialize with. Friends can be in the form of another bird, a mating partner, or even a pet owner. To avoid possible fights, provide partners of the same size. Never provide wild birds like the Bondol eagle as friends, as they will fight to the death.
The aim is to provide a socializing partner to help reduce boredom in the cage. As a pet owner, seek to be your cockatiel’s best friend by spending more time with your cockatiel.
For adequate bonding, allow cockatiels to select their preferred friends.

Should I get a companion for my cockatiel?

You should get your cockatiel a companion to keep it active and social if you have limited time with it. The best companion for a pet cockatiel is the owner. When getting a companion is difficult, free the bird and allow it some time to interact with nature and other birds.
In getting a companion, especially another bird, select a more social and compatible partner to reduce in-fights


For a healthy and active life, cockatiels need a companion. As a pet owner, you can volunteer as a companion or get a mating partner. In the absence of these partners, you can provide another bird that is friendly to the cockatiel for companionship.

For the birds’ safety, provide compatible companions. You can allow cockatiels to select their preferred partners, especially for mating purposes.

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