Do Hawks Eat Frogs?

For bird watchers, the hawk is a fascinating creature because of their incredible hunting style and dining habits. They will eat anything that they can grab with their claws. So are frogs also included in the list? Do hawks eat frogs?

Hawks do eat frogs. Northern Goshawk, Red-Shouldered hawk, Copper’s hawk, Sharp-Shinned hawk, Broad-Winged hawk, and some other species of hawk that live near water are mostly seen eating fog. With their sharp talons, they catch the frog and tear it off with their beaks.

In the rest of the article, I’ve discussed in detail which hawk species eat frogs, whether frogs are hawk’s preferred prey, and much more. So, if you are interested in hawk’s dining habits, continue reading till the end.

Do Hawks Eat Frogs?

Hawks are carnivores. They can eat anything that they can catch with their sharp talons and beaks.

Yes, hawks eat frogs. In fact, frogs are a common meal for those hawk species that live near water.

Frogs are seen living in humid places near water. So they become most vulnerable for Northern Goshawks, Red-Shouldered, Cooper’s, Broad-Winged, and other hawks that live near water.

So is frog hawk’s favorite meal?

Actually, that’s not the case. We all know that hawks are not picky hunters. They will adjust to anything that is available in their area. If they hear the crock of a frog, they won’t mind adding it to their launch.

But we can’t say that frogs are on the diet list of every hawk species. Whether a hawk will eat frogs or not depends on the availability of prey and the eating habits of that particular hawk.

Hawks are also well known for their incredible speed and eyesight. At a speed of 190 kilometers per hour, they attack their prey and kill it by squeezing it with sharply curved claws. The victim will be in the talons of the hawk before understanding what’s going on.

The same happens with frogs. Though frogs are agile and reactive, they can’t match the speed of hawks. As a result, they go to the hawk’s mouth even before they see it coming.

Keep reading to learn more about which hawk species eat frogs.

Which Hawk Species Eat Frogs?

Which Hawk Species Eat Frogs
Image Credit: passion4nature, Canva

So now, you are clear that hawks eat frogs. But do all hawks eat frogs? Let’s find out!

See, all hawk species have not been seen eating frogs. Their dining habits change depending on species, availability of prey, and the eco-system of that area.

So let’s see which hawk species usually eat frogs:

Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawks are extremely agile birds. They are known for their aggressive hunting method. These birds love to stay hidden in the deep forest, mostly near water.

Frogs are easy prey for them. They tout their prey from tall trees and swoop down to it as soon as they get the chance.

Northern Goshawks prefer medium-sized prey like crows, doves, pigeons, squirrels, and rabbits. If there’s any frog in their way, they will surely take advantage of it.

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Shouldered hawks can be seen almost all year round. They usually inhabit swamps and bottomland forests. The majority of their diet consists of small birds and small mammals like mice, moles, or rabbits.

Now, what about frogs? Well, we know that frogs live in humid and wet places near water. Because of their residence, it’s natural for them to be in the dining of a Red-Shouldered hawk.

Copper’s Hawk

Cooper’s hawks are known for their highly agile and aggressive hunting style. Their incredible flying skill, even in the deep forest, make them one of the finest hunters. They nest in dense forests where the environment is humid.

These places are ideal for frogs. As Cooper’s hawks find frogs just in front of their habitat, it’s not surprising that they’ll grab one of these easy prey.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Sharp-Shinned is the smallest hawk species. They prefer to stay hidden in thick bushes or trees in the deep forest. These places are humid, which is ideal for frogs. So it’s natural to find frogs in such areas.

As there is ready-made easy prey in front of these hawks, they would certainly take advantage of it. However, frogs are not on the Sharp-Shinned hawk’s preferred food list. It’s just that there are plenty of croaking frogs in front of them, so why not?

Broad-Winged Hawk

Broad-Winged hawks are mostly seen in migrating and breeding seasons. During the migrating season, they built large flocks with thousands of them. They built their nest in the deep forest near water bodies.

Broad-Winged hawk’s diet mainly consists of small mammals, reptiles, and insects. Frogs perfectly fit in their diet list. Though you will not see these hawks eating frogs regularly, if there’s a croaking frog, it won’t surely miss the opportunity.

Final Words

Hawks eat frogs sometimes. But we can’t say all hawk species eat frogs or that frogs are hawk’s favorite prey. Whether a hawk will eat frogs or not depends on the availability of prey and the eating habits of that particular hawk.

Actually, some hawk species that live near water, such as Northern Goshawk, Red-Shouldered hawk, Copper’s hawk, Sharp-Shinned hawk, and Broad-Winged hawk, are mostly seen eating fog.

Though frogs are agile and reactive, when it is about the fastest and most aggressive bird hawk, their cleverness can’t stand. In just a blink of an eye, hawks attack frogs and kill them by squeezing them with sharply curved claws. Frogs go in the talons of the hawk before understanding what’s going on.

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