What Do Budgies Like In Their Cage? Never Avoid This!

Budgies are the most cheerful birds, without a doubt. However, that positivity might be hindered if you fail to make their environment comfortable. It happens to the new owners as they are unsure what to put inside the cage to enhance the cage environment.

What do budgies like in their cage? Budgies need stuff that makes them busy all day in their cage. So put different types of toys inside the cage. Other than toys, you can also put in swings, ladders, or even glittering rope. Also, put some dishes for food and a bowl for bathing.

They are aware of how to lead amusing lives in cages, but owners have some duties. Give them whatever it takes, but make sure they never get bored there.

What Do Budgies Like In Their Cage?

What Do Budgies Like In Their Cage

Budgies are very playful birds. Unlike other birds, budgies are extremely gregarious and fun-loving; they never sit still for more than a few seconds. Therefore, as a bird owner, you must create a fun environment for them, so they never get bored.

Here are some suggestions for improving your bird cage.

  • Toys
  • Perches
  • Swings
  • Food Dishes
  • Bird Bathing Bowl

It is pitiful if owners do nothing except for providing food in their bird’s cage. To help the bird enjoy their surroundings, you have to equip the cage with a rope perch, swing, or toy. So let’s take a better look at the things budgies love in their cages.


Toys for Budgies

Toys don’t need to be very meaningful. However, it must have a shiny, moving feature. They will always keep busy if their toys shake or move near them. So choose their toy according to that.

You can put a ladder, chewable wood, rubber, bells, a mirror, and glittering rope. In addition to keeping them occupied, toys also maintain their physical and mental health. So this is an unavoidable tool for your budgie’s cage.

The toys must be 100 percent safe. That is the only thing to keep in mind. Your bird will get hurt if the toy is unsafe because they move around so much. Check out the article that discusses budgie toys, perches, and overall budgie care in detail.


Perches for budgies

This is the essential tool that birds like in their cages. People think perches are just for standing. But that’s not entirely true. Budgies, in particular, require a perfect standing tool for sound sleep. Perches satisfy that need.

In addition to this, they also use it for chewing, playing, climbing, rubbing, and cleaning their legs/beaks. So it’s a multipurpose tool for them. It helps them with their toe and foot muscle issues.

There are different types of perches available. For instance, wooden, plastic, or roper. Here, the roper perch is the safest and most user-friendly perch for budgies.


Swings for budgies

The swing is a fantastic addition to the playful environment for budgies. As you know, budgies are playful. They need to move everywhere in the cage. If you add a swing inside their cage, they play with it.

Normally, when they get excited, they try to jump around the cage netting. That is really dangerous. However, if there is a swing, they swing it rather than jump. So this is essential for the cage tool.

Food Dish & Drinking Bowl

Food Dish & Drinking Bowl for Budgues

Because they are constantly busy, budgies become hungry too quickly. Therefore, as an owner, you have to make sure they’re getting enough food and clean water at all times.

You can attach permanent food and a water bowl to their cage. Try to clean their bowl every day. Additionally, avoid placing too many bowls there, as this will hinder their movement.

Bathing Bowl

Bathing Bowl for Budgies

Budgies adore staying clean. If your cage contains several budgies, you’ll notice that they constantly groom each other to keep themselves clean. You should therefore place a secure bathing bowl inside.

Three considerations regarding the bathing bowl must be kept in mind.

  1. The bathing bowl needs to be securely fastened to the cage. Your parrots will jump or climb on it. Thus, if it doesn’t properly settle, the water will drop.
  2. The water needs to be changed every 4 to 6 hours. Your budgies won’t use the water again if it remains filthy. They also drink this water, so if it is contaminated, they will become ill.
  3. The bathing bowl should be large enough to accommodate multiple birds bathing simultaneously.

What Can You Not Put In Budgies’ Cage?

What Can You Not Put In Budgies' Cage

Some items are prohibited from being placed in bird cages. Even though these items may be completely safe, putting them inside a cage can harm your bird.


You don’t need to put any type of light inside the cage. They might enjoy staying in the light, but it is harmful as they can burn themselves. If you really need to put any light, place it near the cage but not inside.

Extreme toys

Heavily functional or extreme toys should not be kept inside the cage. You can skip anything that constantly moves, such as an automatic or battery-operated toy. This may cause physical harm to your bird.

Cat Litters

Some owners put cat litter on the cage floor for better potty management. But that’s a bad approach since your bird could ingest it and become hurt. You also shouldn’t leave spoiled food or dirty water inside your budgie’s cage.


You are also not allowed to use a fan inside the cage. If you want to make them cool, set up a fan outside the cage. However, if you place a fan inside the cage, your bird could inadvertently hurt itself.

Do Budgies Like Stone And Marbles Inside Their Cage?

Do Budgies Like Stone And Marbles Inside Their Cage

Budgies are not big fans of stone or marble, to be honest. But you can add that stuff inside the cage. Budgies enjoy exploring their surroundings, so they enjoy having various items in their cage.

They’ll try to swallow the stone and marble, thinking it’s food, so make sure it’s at least bigger than their mouths. Make sure the stone is properly cleaned and nontoxic, as that is another crucial factor.


Here are some common questions that have been asked repeatedly regarding what do budgies love in their cage.

Is there a limit to how much stuff I can put in my budgie’s cage?

It actually depends on the size of your birdcage. One general guideline is that the stuff shouldn’t take up more than 10% of the cage’s total space because your bird requires sufficient space to move and fly comfortably. So don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary items.

What should I put in my budgie cage besides toys?

Other than toys, you can also add a swing to their cage. They love to ride swings. You can add a small mirror because they find it fascinating. You can also add a plastic pipe roll. They also love this and play with it.

Can I put disinfectant in my bird’s cage?

You can’t use disinfectant while the bird is inside the cage. Your disinfectants can sometimes cause illness in your birds because they can eat them. So if you really need to use it, make sure your birds are out of the cage. After using it, properly clean the cage before letting your bird inside. Check out how to use disinfectant in a budgie cage.

Final Words

Now you probably know what do budgies like in their cage. Budgies are amusing and playful birds. Besides ensuring proper nutrition, make sure your bird receives all the tools to stay happy.

Some of the tools that can make their environment pleasant include perches, toys, swings, dishes, etc. Do everything that keeps them entertained, and make sure your birds don’t get bored inside the cage. You should ensure that they are both physically and mentally fit for their overall wellbeing

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