When Do Baby Budgies Leave the Nest? How Long Are They Fed?

Most bird hatchlings prefer to stay longer in the nest, while parents want them to leave sooner. In the wild, both decisions have consequences, and the bird should only leave at the right time. However, for captivity birds like budgies, when should they leave the nest?

So, when do baby budgies leave the nest? Baby budgies are weaned and ready to fly out after 30 days. By then, the birds’ wings are strong enough to fly, and they can eat most solid foods. However, this is too early to separate them from their parents since they occasionally need their help.

This article will help you learn more about baby budgies after hatching. The details we’ve shared include the budgies’ diet and the right time to separate them from their parents.

When Do Baby Budgies Leave the Nest?

When Do Baby Budgies Leave the Nest

Budgies’ transition from nestlings to fledglings can be a period between one month to one and a quarter month. At this time, the birds are more comfortable moving around, whereas most are already fully feathered. The time baby budgies leave the nest varies with diet and location, among other factors.

After hatching, hatchlings are born naked with no strength to support their tiny bodies. Within a week, budgies’ hatchlings grow stronger and can now support their heads as their parents regurgitate in their mouths. After 10 days, they can see around the nest and their parents as they bring them food.

After two weeks, the pin feathers appear, before which the bird only has soft feathers to keep it warm. By this time, the birds are safe to pick, which should be gentle since these birds are fragile. Three to four weeks later, the beautiful budgerigar feathers grow, and between 30 and 40 days later, they can leave the nest.

How Long Do Budgies Feed Their Babies?

How Long Do Budgies Feed Their Babies

After hatching, these baby birds solely depend on their parents to feed and keep them warm. Typically, most budgies are fed by their parents for around four to five weeks, about the time when they leave the nest. Baby birds with a poor immune system are most at risk of developing digestive issues. Provide your pets with nutritious foods, so they can be healthier sooner.

At two weeks, as a pet owner, you can also feed your bird pets nutritious foods. This is in the case where their parents are unable to, or an avian suggests you do it. At this age, because of feather development, budgies require foods rich in folic acid or vitamin B9. You can feed the pet by following the steps below.

Step 1 – Prepare the baby budgies’ food to a texture that replicates that of their mother’s regurgitate. Mix the bird’s food with warm water to achieve this texture. After the food is ready, add it to the feeding syringe, which you will use to give to them.

Step 2 – Use the syringe to feed the pet birds by holding it loosely in your grasp and placing the tip on its beak. Dispense the food carefully once the baby bird starts eating, only stopping occasionally to avoid choking it. A 2 – weeks bird should eat 4 ml of food per feeding and after giving it enough, stop feeding it.

Step 3 – You can also stop if the baby bird’s crop is full, only resuming after it clears. The time it takes for the crop to empty varies with each bird, with some clearing between three and four hours. Clean the syringe and all other tools after use since the bird will require freshly prepared food for its next feeding.

If the baby bird refuses to open its beak while feeding, you should contact the vet to get it checked. An avian vet should be the one to recommend the type of food mixture you give your budgies to avoid digestive system issues. After six weeks, your pets can eat seeds and other foods too.

How Do Budgies Care for Their Babies While In The Nest?

How Do Budgies Care for Their Babies While In The Nest?

In the wild, parent budgies have to put in work for their babies to grow and leave the nest. Thankfully, they have a natural intuition that compels them to protect and feed their hatchlings. Whether the budgies are in the wild or under a human being’s care, both parents always take responsibility. After about five to eight weeks, the baby can fly off the nest and become independent.

When Is The Ideal Time That Babies Can Stay Separately From Their Parents?

When Is The Ideal Time That Babies Can Stay Separately From Their Parents

Sometimes people confuse the time the baby budgie leaves the nest with the time they are separated from their parents. The time they leave the nest is the time they can find food and fly by themselves. Most birds require their parents’ support for up to 8 weeks, days after leaving the nest.

Most pet owners separate young budgies from their parents after around 12 weeks. Around this period, their color changes to a brighter color as their pigment reduces. After this phase, the birds are more comfortable on their own and can adapt to new environments. In some cases, the baby budgies may even become their parents’ rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When dealing with these fragile baby birds, there’s a need to research to give them better care. This includes asking vital questions that can help you make better decisions. The following are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers to aid you in your research.

At What Age Do Baby Budgies Come Out of The Nest?

Despite the time, depending on the nutritional value of their diet, most budgies can leave their nest after 30 days. However, these birds require their parents as they perfect their flying skills. Some birds will take longer, leaving the nest after five weeks.

When Do Baby Budgies Open Their Eyes?

After ten days, a baby budgie opens its eyes and can now see around the nest. At this time, the pet is able to look at the parents when feeding, unlike before when it could only hear. The bird’s eyes at this age are completely black, with no iris rings.


Budgies are beautiful pets who go through several stages before they’re fully grown. This includes the stage where they open their eyes to when they can leave the nest. The usual age when they leave the nest is 30 days, which answers the question, when do baby budgies leave the nest?

The time these birds leave can vary based on their diet. The better the diet, the healthier and quicker they leave the nest. Also, separating them from their parents is not the right age.

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