Why Do Budgies Stand On One Leg? You Didn’t Know These Reasons!

Watching a budgie moving around inside a cage is quite a scene. It gets much more interesting when you see the budgie standing on one leg. But in some cases, it may concern you about the overall condition of the budgie.

So, why do budgies stand on one leg? Budgies mostly stand on one leg while resting or sleeping. As the body weight of budgies is supported by just one leg, the other leg gets some rest. Budgies can also stand on one leg to conserve body warmth.

We will discuss why this happens in detail and make you aware of when to be concerned. Let’s get started.

Why Do Budgies Stand On One Leg?

Why Do Budgies Stand On One Leg?

Budgies have a common instinct of standing on one leg, especially while roosting. They tend to switch legs during rest or sleep, and it is totally normal. Budgies may also sit while resting, but that is a bit difficult due to their long leg joints. So, it is easier to fold the leg and tuck it. This is called a unipedal structure, and budgies learn to do it naturally.

There can be a few reasons behind budgies resting on one leg. Here is a detailed overview of them.

Reducing Muscle Fatigue

As budgies stand on two legs most of the time, it creates muscle fatigue very easily. Though the body weight of these birds is very low, it can still be heavy on their feet. So, budgies tend to give some rest to one leg when they are tired.

During rest, they fold their long tarsus inside the features. This mostly happens during noon or at night. Throughout the course of resting, they alter their legs to give rest to both legs. And they can easily stand in this position without falling off.

Saving Body Warmth

The whole body of a budgie is covered in heavy feathers except the feet and legs. Budgies depend a lot on the feather for insulation. And they tend to be most comfortable at around 70 degrees. So, when it’s very cold outside, budgies may not feel comfortable due to the thin skin on their legs. If you ask why is my budgie standing on one leg, this is one of the most common reasons.

Birds, like budgies, adjust their postures to cover exposed body parts. This helps them conserve heat. Tucking up one leg under the feature allows budgies to save their body warmth and remain comfortable. So, it can be a sign that your budgie is feeling cold.

What to Understand When Budgies Stand On One Leg?

What to Understand When Budgies Stand On One Leg

Besides natural instinct, budgies can stand on one leg to express different conditions. If you get concerned, here are some of the conditions your budgie might be in.


When your budgie is active during the day, you will see it stand or perch on both legs. But if it goes into the one-leg mode, it means the budgie is willing to relax or comfort itself. It can be a short break for them that energizes your bird.

During relaxation, the eyes of your bird may be fully open or partially closed.


Budgies tend to stand on one leg while sleeping or preparing to sleep. When they feel sleepy, they will pull up one leg to their liking and switch between legs several times before falling asleep. If you see your budgie doing this, it means the bird is going to sleep.

You shouldn’t disturb the bird during this period. Give it some privacy and make a comfortable condition for it to sleep.

Feeling Safe and Warm

A budgie is very conscious about its surroundings. If it senses any danger, it will unfold its legs right away and prepare to fly. But when one leg is up, you should assume the budgie is feeling safe in the environment and expecting no attack or disturbance.

The chance of unipedal resting increases in a colder environment. If the bird is standing on one leg, it means the bird is getting enough warmth to be comfortable.

When to Worry If Budgies Stand On One Leg?

When to Worry If Budgies Stand On One Leg?

Though standing on one leg is common for budgies, it can be a warning too. If you see the budgie standing on the same leg for a long while, there might be some issues with the bird. You can check the following conditions.

Sign of an Injury

If your budgie tends to stand on just one leg and not unfold the other leg, it means the leg may be injured. You should look for signs of cuts or inflammation in the legs.

Due to Sickness

The diet of your budgie can cause vitamin deficiency, which in turn, makes its legs weak. As a result, it might not be possible for the budgie to rest its body weight on just one leg.


Now you know whether is it normal for budgies to stand on one leg. But still, there can be some questions that need to be answered.

How do I know if my budgie is happy while standing on one leg?

You can observe the beak movement of the bird. If it is happy and relaxing on one leg, it will most probably grind its beak.

How to identify a budgie with a sore foot?

If your budgie is feeling unless due to a sore foot, it will stand on one leg for a long time. Instead of switching legs, it will unfold the other leg to touch the ground for a while and pull it up quickly.

Do budgies survive with one leg?

When budgies lose a leg, they usually adapt to the changed situation and learn to survive with the remaining leg.


It can be a common scene for budgies to stand on one leg. But often, bird owners get worried about this stance and wonder why do budgies stand on one leg. Budgies mostly stand on one leg to give their legs some rest. They also try to keep their legs warm by tucking them inside thick feathers.

Sometimes, this unipedal stance might be a symptom of their discomfort or illness. In such cases, you need to quickly determine the problem and ensure proper treatment for the bird. We hope the article helped you know all the probable reasons behind this natural instinct of budgies.

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