Why Do Cockatiels Dance? Here Is What You Need to Know!

Birds seem to go crazy when music is playing nearby. Especially when it comes to cockatiels or parakeets, they respond differently. You see, they will react immediately and keep dancing until they get tired. If your bird does the same, you don’t need to worry.

Why Do Cockatiels Dance? The reason cockatiels dance is because they are able to relate to the music better than any other bird. Although most birds understand music, only parrots, parakeets, and cockatiels get it pretty quickly. That is why they respond so quickly. Cockatiels dance because they want to sync with the rhythm.

You probably aren’t aware of the following three additional cockatiel dancing behaviors. Here we will tell you everything.

Why Do Cockatiels Dance to Music?

Why Do Cockatiels Dance to Music?

There is nothing illogical about cockatiels dancing to music. Music affects cockatiels like humans. Cockatiels dance for the same reasons that people do. First of all, it’s fun to dance. When we hear something harmonious, it seems only natural to try to move our bodies to sync with it.

However, there is also some scientific logic behind why birds dance. Cockatiels’ dancing is correlated with hearing music. The first point is that cocktails’ hearing, or, in other words, their ability to perceive pitch, is similar to humans. So birds hear the music the same way we do. As a result, every pitch and note is fairly well covered by their hearing range.

The second point would be the rhythmic pattern. The rhythmic patterns of music are unbelievably similar to birds chirping. As a result, they can naturally relate to it. Finally, the dance comes automatically. When you can hear the music appropriately, in an effort to sync with the music, you will try to move your body. And this is why cocktails dance.

Do Cockatiels Dance to All Kinds of Music?

Do Cockatiels Dance to All Kinds of Music?

No, cocktails don’t dance to all kinds of music. They have specific music tastes like us. Their taste in music can be different than yours. You need to play music around them and observe their response to find out what kind of music they enjoy.

Cockatiels generally do not dance; they simply try to follow the rhythm by moving their bodies. So, they won’t dance or react if you play the music that is not melodic or rhythmic. Therefore, it is best to play a variety of music in their vicinity while learning what they enjoy and find objectionable.

Is Music Harmful to Cockatiels?

Is Music Harmful to Cockatiels?

As a matter of fact, music is a fantastic companion for your cockatiels rather than playing nonstop television. Good music makes them more playful. In addition, it reduces their stress as well.

However, music can be harmful if you don’t know exactly what to play around them. As we mentioned earlier, cockatiels have their own music preferences. They won’t enjoy it if you play random music near them. Anyway, if you play something that doesn’t attract them, then that will be harmful to them.

Furthermore, playing music at a high volume will be harmful to them. So, when playing music, make sure it’s not too close to their cage and that the volume isn’t too high.

Is The Nonstop Dancing Of Cockatiels A Warning Sign?

Is The Nonstop Dancing Of Cockatiels A Warning Sign?

The answer is no if your cockatiels dance nonstop while you’re playing music. Although it may appear strange at first but this is perfectly normal. There is nothing serious going on.

The question is, why do cockatiels sometimes do strange dances? Well, not only cockatiels but other birds also do the same. Sometimes they go crazy, it can also be hormonal or territorial, and it’s pretty normal. You can see the same thing in dogs and cats as well. When they play with the ball, they keep running nonstop.

This is one of their natural reactions. If this happens to your bird, all you have to do is calm them down. You can offer them food or pet them in order to make them normal.

Is it Possible to Teach Cockatiels to Dance?

Is it Possible to Teach Cockatiels to Dance?

Yes, you can teach your cockatiels to dance. But the truth is that it is more difficult than you imagine. There are numerous factors to consider before beginning to train your bird to dance.

First of all, nobody can guarantee that your bird will learn to dance. It also depends on the characteristics of your birds. Some birds enjoy learning something new, such as talking or dancing. There are also some birds who feel disturbed when you teach something.

In addition, you must practice them frequently. You have to work every single day in order to make them good at that. However, you can teach them tap dancing or shake dancing. Those are pretty easy to teach.

Do Cockatiels Get Hurt When They Dance?

To be honest, there is a chance that a bird will be injured while dancing, but this is extremely unlikely. However, it is natural for you, as the owner, to be concerned. But they don’t get hurt like this.

If you think your bird could get hurt while dancing, make them a bigger cage. In this way, they will get more space to move. However, if you uncage them while playing or dancing at home, it will be fantastic.


Here are some frequently asked questions; you can get more information from here.

My cockatiels like to dance by hitting their beaks on the floor. Is it safe?

Yes, it’s pretty normal for birds to hit their beaks on the ground or any other surface. Frankly, they try to make a sound by hitting their beak. You don’t have to worry about that. They never get injured by this. They never do anything by hurting themselves.

Why does my cockatiel dance at midnight without any reason?

That is pretty normal. Their dancing depends on their mood. You don’t have to play music all the time to make them dance. There are also some birds who start tweeting at midnight for no reason. It’s normal.

What Should Keep in Mind While Training My Cockatiles To Dance?

Few you should follow anyway. First, pick a good place to stand and communicate with them. For dancing, select music that has a beat and rhythm. Keep listening same music on the training period. Practice the same move.
If you change, they will forget everything. If they complete the tash, give them a treat; otherwise they won’t follow you appropriately.

Final word

We believe now you know the logic behind why do cockatiels dance. Cockatiels are very playful and frisky birds. They really enjoy singing and dancing. So basically, when something plays a melodious tune, they enjoy it and try to follow the rhythm. That’s the reason behind their dancing behavior.

Owners sometimes get misunderstood for their behavior. Often, the cockatiels dance nonstop, which makes their owner tense. Cockatiels also make some extreme moves that seem a little dangerous, but actually, that’s not the case. These things are pretty normal for cockatiels or any other bird. The owner shouldn’t worry about this.

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