Why Is My Budgie So Quiet? [6 Reasons And Remedies]

The budgie is a cheerful bird that usually makes noise all day. They love music and play dance with beats. But what if this chirping bird suddenly becomes quiet?

Budgie owners frequently ask, why is my budgie so quiet? Budgie may become quiet due to illness. However, if they are not ill, other factors such as stress, fear, habitual silence, and so on may be to blame. Additionally, young budgies are often quiet during the first month of their lives because they can’t vocalize.

I am a pet lover like you, and I have some budgies. In this article, I will describe all the reasons why a budgie becomes quiet.

6 Reasons Why Is My Budgie So Quiet?

Why Is My Budgie So Quiet? [6 Reasons And Remedies] 1
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A health issue might be the primary reason if an adult chirping budgie suddenly becomes quiet and remains sleepy. In that case, your bird needs proper treatment.

However, feeling depressed, changing weather, and being scared of something are all possible reasons for the silence of a healthy budgie. You can turn on their mood easily with a friendly environment and good food.

Let’s know in detail all the possible reasons why a budgie becomes quiet.


When a budgie gets an avian goiter (thyroid hyperplasia), it causes swelling in the throat and eventually prevents the bird from being able to chirp because of the discomfort.

What causes avian goiter? The answer is “lack of iodine.” Goiter is commonly brought on by consuming inappropriate things that have no iodine. A deficiency of iodine is common if your bird eats only seeds.

Some vegetables and fruits can appear good for budgies, but they may not be. It includes veggies like broccoli, cabbage, soybeans, and kale that inhibit the production of thyroxine in the bird’s body. If they’re diagnosed with it, you must take the bird to the vet and start treatment for this disease. You should also give them iodine supplements.

Physical Injury

Apart from goiter, your budgie may be quiet because of a respiratory ailment or injury. Two years ago, one of my budgies somehow broke his left wing. It was a very painful situation for him. He didn’t make any sound and became silent for the next 2 weeks. It takes almost a month to recover properly.

If you notice your bird is not taking food and remains silent all day, you should take it for a check-up. It may not walk properly due to a broken or fractured bone. So, stay alert of your budgies’ doings. But apart from an injury, you may still notice that your budgie doesn’t do anything and sits quietly for other reasons.

Being Sacred

People ask, “When in good health, why is my budgie suddenly quiet?” Being scared is a possible cause here. Budgies’ natural response to being scared is to freeze up when something in their surroundings suddenly changes.

For protection from predators in the wild, they can maintain a perfectly motionless and silent position, thanks to their adaptation. They can be feared by a new environment, new people, and new places.

However, if your home is cat friendly, there is a probable risk for your budgie’s fear. In extreme fear, they may have heart attacks. The loud sounds of machines and whistles can also frighten them. So, you must stay alert to maintain your budgies’ living.

Young Budgie

Normally, young or baby budgies aged under 4 weeks won’t make so much noise. When they are about 5 to 8 weeks old, they hardly start to make a peep. The voices of budgies tend to develop in tandem with their physical age.

So if your budgie is too young and doesn’t make noise, there is nothing to worry about. Wait until it becomes 2 to 3 months old.

Mental Stress

Stress, depression, and mood swings are common things with a budgie. In this situation, it not only stops chirping but also stops playing and moving around. Sometimes it stops eating. The reason behind this stress might be the environment or any emotional breakdown.

If you have a pair of budgies and if one of them is lost or dies, the other will go into depression. In that situation, you can see how a stressed budgie reacts. According to the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, a stressed budgie is likelier to pluck at its feathers. Such actions are a warning sign, and you should investigate immediately to find out what’s bothering your budgie. Never leave your budgie alone while they are under stress.

Habitually Silent

Is it normal for a budgie to be quiet? Yes, it’s normal for a budgie to be quite habitually. All budgies are not the same in their nature.

Some of the budgies may prefer remaining silent. They remain silent and sleepy most of the time. It is not a disease. However, their keepers keep complaining, “why is my budgie so quiet and sleepy?” The probable reason is shyness, or they’re not yet comfortable communicating, which is okay for a bird and might improve over time.

Is There Any Life Risk To A Silent Budgie?

Is There Any Life Risk To A Silent Budgie

There is no such severe life risk for budgies if they are silent. However, if they are silent due to any vocal disease or injury, then there is a risk of permanent disability.

But the main risk is when your budgie is upset or depressed because of losing its partner. It takes a lot of time to heal psychologically. Sometimes, due to this stress and mental condition, your bird may die by stopping taking any food. In this situation, you should stay with him or her.

How To Turn My Silent Budgie Into A Chirping One?

How To Turn My Silent Budgie Into A Chirping One

Now you know that for budgies, being silent is severe only when it happens due to physical disability or any injury. Otherwise, you can get them to chirp with regular care and spend more time with them. There are a couple of things that you can do for your budgie’s chirping.

Consult Veterinarian

Consulting a veterinarian is the first thing to do if your budgie suddenly stops chirping. He/she will examine your budgie. They will advise you on proper treatment if there is any health issue. They will also do the vaccination of your bird if required.

Feed Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is always mandatory for budgies’ good health. According to Albion Park and Gerringong Veterinary Hospitals, a budgie seed mix that includes millet with other supplemental greens and herbs would be ideal.

Moreover, herbs like basil, mint, parsley, rocket, and vegetables like Asian greens and fruits, beans, broccoli, carrots, spinach, maize, and peas are all fine for your bird to consume.

Entertain Them

When your budgie is not upset for any reason, the best way to make them happy is to stay with them as much as possible. Keep their cage always clean. Moreover, you should keep their toys and other stuff in their cage. Sometimes take them outside with you.

Make sure your budgie is not alone. Give it a partner so that it can get good company. Additionally, some pet keepers suggest putting a mirror before birds. Research on budgie behavior conducted by Omlet.co.uk revealed that placing a mirror in front of a budgie gives it the impression of having a companion, leading it to start chirping.


There are some other queries that budgie’s owners have regarding the silence of their birds. It’s also important to know when you are working to turn your little friend into chirping.

How do you know if your budgie is quiet due to sadness?

Some symptoms will let you know that your budgie is unhappy. A stressed and sad budgie keeps biting itself or other stuff. It will stop taking any food and pluck its own feathers. Becoming silent could also be a symptom. And when all these symptoms are visible, there is the maximum possibility that your budgie is mentally tired and depressed.

Why does your budgie become tired?

Budgies soon become tired because of their rapid metabolism, requiring long sleep. Their energy is quickly depleted when they’re wide awake and doing things. While sleeping, the budgie’s body repairs itself and recharges its cells so that it may face the day feeling refreshed.

What does it mean if your budgie is quiet?

If your budgie is quiet, they either suffer from a disability of making sounds or remains quiet willingly. For health issues, you have to go for their treatments. And if they are silent due to mental stress, you have to make them happy and cheerful again.


Keeping a budgie as a pet is not easy unless you understand the meaning of its behavior. Although being quiet is not a serious issue for a budgie, you must remain cautious. You must stay with them for a long time to understand their feelings. In addition, take care of them just like your babies.

Check that they are not hindered in any way by a physical impairment. If you notice any, consult with the vet as soon as possible. And if they seem stressed or uncomfortable, stick around and provide as much attention as possible.

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