Why is My Cockatiel Sleeping So Much?

On average, cockatiels should sleep for 10 to 12 hours daily with some exceptional naps during the day. However, some cockatiels oversleep and extend the 12 hours limit. This leaves a cockatiel owner anxious.

So, why is my cockatiel sleeping so much? Cockatiels may oversleep due to several factors, such as health, age, and stress. A shift in the normal functioning of the cockatiel’s body may result in it sleeping so much. Some may oversleep due to loneliness and diseases.

This article will dwell deeper into the reasons that may make your cockatiel sleep too much. It will also discuss several ways to make your pet active and reduce the sleeping period.

Why is My Cockatiel Sleeping So Much?

Why is My Cockatiel Sleeping So Much?

As a pet owner, you know your cockatiel’s sleeping routines and periods. An increase in its regular sleeping hours is considered oversleeping.

Apart from the physiological factors, several other possible reasons may make your pet sleep too much. Let’s look at these reasons in detail.

Boredom and loneliness

Boredom is the primary reason that leads to oversleeping conditions. Cockatiels are intelligent and social birds. They can learn to talk with their sounds and communicate with each other.

Not keeping it engaged may drive the bird to sleep most of the time. Cockatiels are used to living in groups and may sleep excessively if left in isolation.


As cockatiels grow in age, they tend to sleep more. A comparison by Avian doctors shows that young cockatiels can sleep even for 8 hours a day and still function properly. On the other side, old cockatiels must rest for 12-14 hours.

The reason old cockatiels sleep more is to preserve their energy since most of their body organs function at a slow pace.


Ill-health can lead to excessive sleeping. Some of the cockatiels’ diseases, such as sleeping sickness, are common in the tropics.

Stress and depression

When cockatiels are stressed or depressed, they tend to sleep a lot. Some cockatiels refuse to eat and spend the whole day and night sleeping.

Stress may be brought about by a sudden change of environment or food and the introduction of an incompatible mating partner.

How To Stop Cockatiels From Sleeping So Much?

Why is My Cockatiel Sleeping So Much?

If your pet eats a lot and sleeps so much without exercising, it may become obese. Having identified some of the reasons that may cause too many sleeping cases, you should get your pet active during the day.

Below are some of the remedies for oversleeping cockatiels.

Keep the bird active

Engage the bird by introducing other birds in the cage. Such will keep the bird busy, reducing the sleeping time. In your free time, free the bird and spend time with it as you play games together. Cockatiels rarely play but try and make it active in the compound.

Since the bird is social and friendly, it will be an enjoyable time that will leave your cockatiel energized. Engaging your pet will help eliminate stress and depression, which may be caused by boredom.

Seek an Avian veterinarian for a cure

To combat health-related issues, get an avian veterinary to run a check-up on the bird. Be sure to get a qualified vet for the safety of your pet.

Cover the cage to preserve and generate warmth if the bird is suffering from cold problems. Feed your cockatiel with its favorite food, such as rice crackers and cilantro, to gain strength in its recovery period.

What Are The Effects Of Cockatiels Sleeping So Much?

What Are The Effects Of Cockatiels Sleeping So Much?

Too much sleep is harmful to your bird. Cockatiels are meant to sleep for a maximum of 12 hours at night and spend the day doing vigorous activities. These activities are to help the bird burn calories consumed.

A cockatiel that usually eats but sleeps too much may become obese due to inactivity. The bird should fly at least 30 minutes a day to help burn food calories.

From obese conditions, cockatiels develop heart failure conditions. The chances of survival in such cases are meager and will lead to sudden death. Finally, a sleeping cockatiel is not a favorite pet as you may need to spend time with it.

Is It Normal For My Cockatiel To Sleep A Lot?

Is It Normal For My Cockatiel To Sleep A Lot?

Depending on the cockatiels’ condition, it is normal for them to sleep a lot. Some may oversleep due to health issues and other underlying physiological factors.

However, cockatiels should not exceed the 14hrs limit for a series of days. Such is an indicator of abnormalities and may necessitate a check-up. If upon check-up your find your cockatiel is sick, allow it time to recover.

During the cold seasons, especially during winter, cockatiels sleep a lot to preserve energy for warmth. During winter, some of the birds become entirely docile.

How Do I Tell If My Cockatiel Is Getting Enough Sleep?

How Do I Tell If My Cockatiel Is Getting Enough Sleep?

It is hard not to notice if your cockatiel is getting enough sleep. One clear indication is an active bird both in the cage and outside the cell. The pet responds positively to any stimulant in the surroundings. The cockatiel will rest after eating and grind its beak as a sign of relaxation.

Observe its feeding habit. If the routine feeding shifts suddenly, your cockatiel might not be getting enough sleep during the night. Another indicator is a stressed bird. Once the cockatiel has slept enough, it spends a stressless day and does not show any lethargic signs.

Finally, if a cockatiel is not getting enough sleep, you will see it dozing off even while feeding or standing. It shows signs of exhaustion and a lack of zeal to play around.


Below are responses to some of the frequently asked questions by cockatiel keepers.

Why does my baby cockatiel sleep so much?

If your baby cockatiel sleeps so much, you must inspect it for possible causes. Most likely, baby cockatiels oversleep as a natural cause since their bodies are still inactive. However, as they grow, they ought to sleep less and spend most of their daytime activities.
If the baby cockatiel is sick, it will oversleep. Observe it well and consult an avian veterinarian for possible cockatiels’ diseases.

Is it okay for cockatiels to take a nap during the day?

Yes, it is okay for your cockatiel to take a nap during the day. Most cockatiels may be awake for 3hrs during the day and take a rest for like 30 minutes. That is a sign of a healthy cockatiel.
The naps help the pet digest its food during the day. They also ensure that the cockatiels do not oversleep beyond the regular hours at night.


Cockatiels require an average of 10 – 12 hours of sleep in a day to perform their functions properly. The old cockatiels can sleep up to 14 hours due to old age and the slow functioning of the body. Sleeping beyond these limits is an indication that your pet might be unwell.

Some may also oversleep due to loneliness. Observe their behavior and offer the best remedy to engage your pet. An active cockatiel will sleep under a regular routine and period.

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