Are Hawks Dangerous to Humans? Here’s the Truth

Hawks are well-known for having astounding preying and hunting skills. They not just scan their hunts with their sharp eyesight but ensure a vital claw strike on them.

But are hawks dangerous to humans too? Hawks can surely be dangerous to people as long as they near their nests or reflect any threat. But as long as proper precautions are taken, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

Additionally, hawks love staying within their space and territory and don’t prefer intruders. Therefore, everything should be alright if someone admires the Hawks from a distance.

Want to know more about these hawk facts? If yes, then keep reading till the end of the blog.

Are Hawks Generally Dangerous to Humans?

Hawks are basically predator birds known for their amazing hunting skills and super sharp claws. However, they don’t pose much of a threat to people. These birds are usually shy and tend to keep their distance from people.

But, there can be situations when hawks can hurt people with their beaks and claws if they feel threatened or trapped.

Hawks usually hunt and eat smaller animals, like mice, birds, and insects. And they can hunt in both open places and forests, where they soar through the air to look for food.

However, it’s pretty essential to note that hawks belong to the wild, and they need to be treated with care. They won’t bring you any threat unless they feel threatened.

So, if you do see a hawk, it’s best to stay away and admire it from a safe distance.

Under What Circumstances Might Hawks Pose a Threat?

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Image Credit: Chris McNeill / 500px, Canva

There can be different situations when a hawk might consider you a threat. We have listed some of the situations when a hawk might consider you as its enemy as follows.

  • When someone comes near a hawk’s nesting spot, they think it’s a threat to their offspring. Then they tackle and use their sharp beak and talons to pose an attack.
  • During the hawk breeding season, they tend to stay at high testosterone levels. This can also keep them in an aggressive mood!
  • Even when a hawk is injured or ill, it can get pretty aggressive and ensure to protect itself at any cost.
  • As hawks are great predator birds, they’re quite competitive when hunting their food source. They can pose a threat if they think someone might sneak or steal their food.
  • Hawks are wild birds in nature and can’t withstand provocation. So, they can be a threat if someone tries to invade their personal space.

What Species of Hawks Are Most Likely to Be Aggressive?

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Image Credit: SteveByland, Canva

As mentioned before, no hawks are generally aggressive towards humans unless they sense any threat. Yet, there are certain types of hawks who might turn aggressive due to their nature or when they sense a threat.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawks are the most widespread hawks in North America. They don’t usually attack people and try to avoid direct conflicts. During their breeding season, red-tailed hawks tend to be more protective of their nests. And during this time, if their nesting spaces are disturbed, they can act aggressively.

Northern Goshawk

Goshawks are big birds of prey that live in woods all over the northern half of the world. They are known for being fierce, and when protecting their nests or hunting grounds, they can act very aggressively. Goshawks have been known to dive at people and attack them if they think they are a threat.

The Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s hawks are famous for being nimble and quickly moving through thick brush. They mostly reside in forests and are more likely to be aggressive, especially when their territories are intruded. Although they sometimes land in cities, they usually avoid direct contact with people.

Harris’ Hawk

Harris’s hawks are pretty different from other hawk types as they are more social and tend to hunt in groups. Even though they don’t pose any harm to humans, their tendency to hunt as a group might be a potential danger at times.

How Can Hawks Cause Injuries to Humans?

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Image Credit: neildodhia, Canva

Hawks come with a natural defensive behavior, and when they feel threatened in any way, they activate their defense mode. This may include swooping down and then using their sharp claws to strike the threat. Such attacks can leave puncture wounds or scars.

There has been such a case report where an 80-year-old man was attacked by a wild hawk and got severe wounds on his hand. And since he was delayed with professional medical assistance, the wounds just got deep with time.

Moreover, hawks can also cause injuries with their beaks. They have robust and sharp beaks that can tear up the flesh. Such attacks are rare but can take place, especially when they’re protecting their nests.

How Common Are Hawk Attacks on Humans?

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Image Credit: Byrdyak, Canva

Hawk attacks are very rare and there are not many incidents when it comes to hawk-human encounters. However, there are still certain incidents where hawks can pose an attack which can prove fatal to humans.

For instance, there has been an incident in 2001 in Illinois where a person was attacked by a hawk. A similar incident took place in Utah and England. However, there are no such reports where a person died due to hawk encounters.

There has been another report in New York where 17 hawk attacks were recorded in 2 years. And among those 7 required medical attention.

In a nutshell, these attacks are not frequent, but there can still be incidents where a hawk can throw an attack, especially when it feels threatened.

What Precautions Can Humans Take to Avoid Unwanted Hawk Encounters?

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Image Credit: Novinit, Canva

To minimize the chances of unwanted hawk encounters, follow the tips below to prevent potential risks.

  • If you somehow spot a hawk, ensure to give it enough space. Plus, make sure not to make any approach towards it.
  • Be careful while you are around their nesting areas, especially when they’re breeding. Avoid intruding on their personal space at all costs.
  • Hawks can take direct eye-contacts as a threat, and this can trigger them to pose an attack. So, if you see any hawks nearby, keep a relaxed demeanor.
  • Carry umbrellas to places where there are more habitats for hawks. These umbrellas will act as a barrier and prevent the hawks from making any attacks.

How Should Humans React in the Event of a Hawk Encounter?

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Image Credit: gpbaxi, Canva

This is where most people tend to make mistakes! People don’t even know how to react to situations when they face an attack by a hawk. So, here in this section, we’ll provide some sure-to-work tips that’ll aid you during a direct hawk counter.

  • Stay calm when you come across a sudden hawk counter. If you get scared or move too quickly, you might scare the hawk and this can make the situation worse.
  • If you see a hawk counter coming your way or it’s flying low, use your arms or even a jacket to cover your head to keep away from a blow.
  • When you see a hawk approaching aggressively, keep yourself low and slowly move backward. This will not trigger the hawk to attack.
  • Call for emergency support at 911.
  • Yet, if there are any serious attacks and you get yourself injured, make sure to take the suggestion of a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

What Are the Legal Implications of Interacting with Hawks?

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Image Credit: Nurana Abasova, Canva

Below are the certain legal implications of interacting with hawks. Make sure to read all the points.

  • If your interaction with hawks tends to put them in danger or anything as such, this can be considered as breaking the law. There are many states in the USA, and other countries where it’s taken as a criminal act and serious punishments are also ordered.
  • Without the authorization of the government, it’s completely illegal to keep most hawks. Penalties or fines can be issued in some countries for this action.
  • Hawks tend to nest in certain locations and areas which they mark as their territories. And disturbing them during the breeding season might  be illegal and strict actions can be executed.
  • Strict actions might be taken against people who conduct illegal hawk businesses like exporting or importing them. In order to conduct such business, people need to get a government permit first.


In general, hawks tend to live and hunt without bothering to pose any threat to humans, but if they sense any danger, they might strike. At the same time, they’re very protective when it’s the breeding season, and during this time, they stay pretty aggressive.

Moreover, hawks hate being touched or when someone intrudes on their personal space or territory. Therefore, as long as you keep your distance and don’t act as a threat to these predator birds, there shouldn’t be a problem with hawk attacks.

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