Can Parakeets Eat Pumpkin? (Benefits & Risks of Feeding)

Honestly, pumpkin is like a whole package where you can enjoy the fills as well as the seeds. While it is a super ingredient for pies, Halloween carving, and more, pumpkins are a delicious treat for wild birds too. Now my question is can parakeets eat pumpkin? I noticed some pumpkin seeds among the mixed seed packet, hence the curiosity.

It led me to study the entire biography relating to budgies and pumpkins. As tiring as it was, I was able to obtain many facts. If you are holding a jumbo pumpkin in your hands and wondering whether it is safe to keep a tiny portion from it for the parakeets, read this article ASAP.

Parakeets and Pumpkins: Yes or No?

The juicy orange jumbo fruit is not just for Halloween decoration but also a delicious treat for the budgies. So, are pumpkins safe for budgies? It is a 100% yes as long as you maintain moderation. Remember, nothing is healthy if given in bulk.

The story does not end here. There are several aspects to get straight, dear humans. You must know the nutritional value to learn how much to offer. Knowing what section of pumpkins is suitable for the parakeets is also imperative. So, shall we get going?

Nutritional Values of Feeding Pumpkins to Parakeets

Nutritional Values of Feeding Pumpkin to Parakeets

Do not get overwhelmed by this part because pumpkins contain a list of nutrients that benefit you and your birdy broods.


Parakeets need iron to form a healthy amount of hemoglobin and protein. It keeps the red blood cells robust while allowing oxygen transportation to muscles.

In short, it prevents weight loss, circulatory failure, etc., in parakeets while maintaining vigorous growth. Iron deficiency in humans and budgies is quite risky, so grab some pumpkin pieces to munch on, folks.


All you need to know is that manganese helps with structural growth, tissue connectivity, and metabolism. It also releases blood clots.


You should know that copper is one of the essential minerals for humans and birds. It supports numerous bodily functions to provide a nourishing life. So, you can expect tissue growth, the establishment of red blood cells, oxidative defense, and a handful of other benefits assisted by copper.


Animals and birds need a significant amount of potassium to obtain healthy blood pressure. Plus, it helps with muscle contractions, fluid regulation, and nerve signals, averting sudden death by stroke in budgies. It is possible, and they can also have kidney stones. Potassium helps prevent it all.

Vitamin E

With great vision comes a better state of mind. Yes, Vitamin E is the staple of attaining good eyesight. The little heart stays in excellent shape too.

Vitamin B2

Enough vitamin B2 retains energy levels by breaking down fats, protein, and carbs. It is a superb organic compound that eliminates skin issues, among other ailments, in a parakeet.

Vitamin C

Who does not wish for healthy skin and respiratory system? Even budgies deserve such pampering to achieve spirited feathers and flawless skin. Vitamin C keeps the kidney healthy and acts as an antioxidant as well.

Vitamin A

The one compound that pumpkins contain in abundance is vitamin A. What is its purpose? It preserves cell function, cell recognition, and immune production. Furthermore, birds have a pigment in the eye retina that is sensitive to light. Vitamin A protects it like a treasure.

Trace Elements

Of course, there is more. Some noteworthy trace elements include fiber and protein. Both contribute to healthy growth and the digestive system.

Trace Minerals

Other trace minerals comprise zinc, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, etc., to upkeep the overall health of parakeets.


Most importantly, a pumpkin offers 94% water that can hydrate birds in hot weather. It also indicates lower calories compared to the size.

Which Pumpkin Parts Are Edible for Parakeets?

I have never looked at the pumpkin with such passion until recently. Just learn to pick the fresh ones from markets. Let us see which types are safe to give the parakeet family:

Pumpkin (Organic or Homegrown)

Pumpkin for parakeet

Go for organic pieces despite the price, for they are safe from pesticides and preservatives. If you own a vegetable garden with a plump pumpkin growing fervently, leave some for the budgies to appreciate your cultivation. Remember to wash the fruit before feeding, even if it is organic or homegrown.

Pumpkin Skin 

Parakeets are pretty keen on pumpkin skin. It means you can offer peeled skin to your parakeets instead of throwing them in the wastebasket.

However, skins contain the most pesticides and other chemicals, so wash well before serving.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds for parakeet

Can parakeets eat pumpkin seeds? Even I enjoy occasionally snacking on them when reading a novel. But mine include additives that are strictly prohibited for birds. You can find non-additive pumpkin seeds in pet stores to give in moderation.

Pumpkin Puree (Unseasoned)

pumpkin puree for parakeet

Always offer unseasoned pumpkin puree because parakeets cannot handle seasoned ones. They have a slightly different digestive system than ours.

Pumpkin (Canned)

While it can be a good alternative to organic pumpkins, consider the number of preservatives used. Rinse the pieces well before giving them to the feathered family.


What part of the pumpkin can budgies eat?

Budgies can eat all parts of a pumpkin, including the skin, filling, and seeds. Just make sure to avoid overfeeding.

Can budgies eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes, and they quite love it. However, pumpkin seeds are not part of the 50% mixed seed ratio in the parakeets’ diet. So give in moderation as treats.

Can you feed raw pumpkin to the parakeet?

Sure, cut up a little piece and offer it to your parakeets. You can also give cooked pumpkin so long it is unseasoned and cooled down.

To Sum Up

So, can parakeets eat pumpkins? You can happily enjoy a pumpkin fiesta with your lovely pet birds. Just remember to maintain how much to give as this big fruit has high sugar content.

You do not want obese or diabetic budgies, for they suffer just as equally as humans. Besides, too much pumpkin obsession can cause bowel issues for the little birds.

Good luck!

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