Do Budgies Eat Grass? [8 Types of Grass That Budgie Loves]

It would be wrong to experiment on my budgies to verify what they can eat or not. I remember feeling so guilty about giving mint leaves the first time. There is always this constant fear of allergies or an upset stomach. I was almost ready to run to the vet with them.

However, one cannot live like that with every herb or plant. My question is specifically about grass. Do budgies eat grass? This time I have decided to do some study instead of offering my parakeets grass and waiting in dread anticipation.

Here is what I have learned so far.

It is All about the Grass Type

If you are a new budgie parent, I welcome you with open arms. Some of us believe that grass is grass; there is hardly any classification required.

You cannot feed just any type of grass to your lovely budgies. But then, 50% of their diet contains mixed grass seeds. I have found that the varieties below comprise a wonderful treat for the birds and sustain the digestive system.

All about the Grass Type 
budgie will love

1. Wheatgrass

This grass is one of the most common types that grow in tropical or temperate regions. The young shoots are super juicy. Some even add them to smoothies or salads.

Do not be surprised, for humans eat wheatgrass too. The grass is to consume fresh and given only in small portions to the budgies. While it contains A, C, and E vitamins alongside other minerals, overconsumption can cause vomiting or diarrhea. On the contrary, a little amount with the usual mixed seeds, veggies, and fruits can detoxify the petite body.

2. Lemongrass

My budgies practically snatch the lemongrass whenever the treat day arrives. Lemongrass is quite nutritional and very delicious. It is flavorful and unique (I steal a few leaves to add essence to my soup too). Just make sure to give in moderation as too much lemongrass is the lead cause of digestive issues.

3. Cat grass

Did you know cat grass is also known as a superfood? It is robust with vitamins, proteins, minerals, and chlorophyll. When my pet cat once ate some of my homegrown cat grass, I thought this was the end. Turns out the grass is as beneficial to cats as to budgies.

It was like saving a bird and a cat with one stone. Try obtaining the cat grass from a reputable pet or feed store. While it boosts budgies with full-packed nutrition, the rule is to offer it occasionally.

4. Ryegrass

All you have to know is that ryegrass is quite safe and provides fiber (besides other essential nutrients) to maintain a healthy digestive system for the fluffy parakeets.

5. Millet grass

My budgies are crazy for millet, which led me to wonder if millet grass can be part of a healthy diet. Thankfully it does, but remember to provide it in small quantities to avoid budgies from getting sick with overconsumption. Like I have said, they go crazy at the sight of this grass!

Plus, millet grass allows them to forage, keeping their mind active and stimulated.

6. Buffalo grass

This grass is quite common for animal grazing. It seems remarkable for budgies also all because of the fiber and nutrient enrichment.

7. Oat grass

I have never seen oat grass until recently. Of course, it is also a common grass type often found in garden decorations; I just never noticed it.

So, your budgies can nibble on that as well. Oat grass offers fibers and nutrients to improve the digesting function. Always wash the grass before giving and allow only a small amount.

8. Lawn grass

Technically, lawn grass is all right to consume for budgies, but I refrain from giving it. We use various chemicals and pesticides to treat the grass to grow healthily.

However, offering them to my budgies goes against my conscience. Sure, you can feed your budgies lawn grass, but they lack nutritional values so give it only intermittently.

Budgies and Grass: The Drawback

So, can budgies eat green grass? Absolutely but not all budgies can get used to the change immediately. You have to offer it gradually and in tiny amounts.

Although eating grass is harmless, there are certain downsides one might face:

  • The grass may contain pesticides
  • Some grass may become toxic due to the herbicide/chemical treatment
  • Grass blades can have molds when not fresh
  • No grass is safe to give your budgies unless washed thoroughly
  • Grasses are not for regular consumption despite enriched nutrients
  • It is unwise to offer an unknown grass type without asking the vet first


Can I feed my budgies grass seeds?

Yes, grass seeds make up 50% of the diet plan for a budgie. So, you can provide them with a small amount to prevent overeating.

Why is wheatgrass recommended for budgies?

Wheatgrass has A, C, E, and B Complex vitamins and calcium. It also provides other minerals, making it an excellent source of rich nutrition.

Which leaves are toxic for budgies?

Avoid rhubarb and avocado leaves as they are toxic for parakeet members.

To Summarize

Do budgies eat grass? You can now tell any new budgie parent the correct answer. This article is for those who wish to clear some facts and overcome the myths regarding what budgies can eat or not.

Hopefully, I was able to explain it better. Let me end it right here before my featured children turn against me for their grassy snacks. Cheers!

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