Can Budgies Eat Bok Choy? – All You Need to Know

Budgies love greens; it is not a secret anymore. If you have seen your budgies staring at your leafy veggies, perhaps it is time to indulge them with some. I always check the nutritional value of a particular food item before offering it to my cute pairs. This is to ensure safety and better nourishment.

They are well acquainted with basil, mint, seedy sprouts, and more. However, can budgies eat bok-choy? I keep this Chinese cabbage abundant at home to add as an ingredient in various meals. Now let me share whether you should extend its reach to the winged buddies too. 

Feeding Bok Choy to Budgies

Is it safe? Can you feed them without gaping at their reaction? Should you keep a vet’s number at bay while giving bok-choy? Budgie’s parents are always concerned when introducing a new green item to their beloved parakeets. No one blames you for protecting those adorable, chatty birds from toxicity.

You would be relieved to learn that bok-choy pass the inspection test by every vet and avian parent. It is a green light all the way! All I mean is you can give the juicy stems/fresh leaves or mix them up a bit by chopping. Birds love trying out something new, though it takes some time.

Ways to Offer Bok Choy to Budgies

Budgies Eat Bok Choy

Even if you know what is good for the birds, they do not even touch the food sometimes. I once left my mint plant next to their home, allowing the branches to reach them. They finally got curious and started picking and nibbling on the leaves. Alas, my plant was in terrible shape afterward.

However, it got them to eat! Similarly, I try out different tricks with my feathered family. Below are some techniques alongside what type of bok choy to get: 

  • How about chopping a leaf and stem and placing them in the feeder?
  • Are the birds looking at the greens but not eating them? Maybe offer a whole bok choy.
  • Try hanging one from one side of the cage so they can play and nibble at the same time.
  • Maybe they prefer only the stem or the leaf. Cut the bok choy accordingly and offer.
  • Did you wash the store-bought bok choy well? They might contain chemicals.
  • I prefer organic ones, or if you can grow them at home, all the better!
  • They might grow interested in seeing you working on the garden and eventually eat the served bok choy.
  • Some budgies prefer juiced greens instead of gorging on a piece. Try blending a few bok choy and give them if they love juice.
  • You can chop some pieces and mix them with other veggies before serving.

Why Give Bok Choy to Budgies (Benefits)

Bok choy

Did you know this Chinese cabbage is filled with nutrients? I even preserve some as kimchi (a Korean side dish for humans only) when the market is out of napa cabbage. Some may recognize bok choy as pak choi too.

Anyhow, let us look at the nutritional sources that support the budgies tremendously.

Vitamin K

Did you know that Vitamin K is an essential compound to form blood clots in birds? Suppose one of the birds got hurt while playing. It is like a deep scratch. 

The wound takes a long while to heal if the budgie lacks vitamin K. This deficiency may lead to further blood loss, putting the poor thing in harm’s way. Bok choy is full of Vitamin K; add it to their diet to help clot wounds swiftly.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is the reason budgies have vibrant and robust features. Without vitamin A, birds face a dull appearance with excessive feather fall (kind of like hair fall in humans).

Bok choy provides ample vitamin A to ensure a healthy, keeping the budgies content and chirpy.

Vitamin C

It improves the immune system significantly. It also acts as an antioxidant and allows the birds to be strong and healthy.


While humans can obtain calcium by drinking milk, our budgies cannot do that. Milk or any dairy product is TOXIC for them. Plus, the mixed seeds and pellets might not be sufficient to overcome the calcium deficiency.

Nevertheless, including bok choy in their diet once in a while can fulfill the lacking and ensure healthy bones and body. It assists in maintaining metabolism and muscle health as well.


1. How often can I feed bok choy to budgies?

No vegetable is safe to offer daily. Therefore, choose a day per week or more if you add other herbs, veggies, or fruits weekly. 

2. Are bok choy from supermarkets safe for my budgies?

Yes, be sure to wash them thoroughly before serving. Or you can opt for organic/homegrown bok choy in case the store-bought ones seem unreliable. 

3. How does feeding bok choy to parakeets help them?

It revitalizes their overall appearance with strong and colorful feathers. Bok choy helps maintain the immune system, muscle health, and proper blood clot. Besides, vigorous health keeps the budgies active and happier in the long run.

To Summarize

So, can budgies eat bok choy? How about enjoying the leafy vegetable with your feathered friends next time? Some food items can be shared with them – bok choy is one example.

However, do not forget the rest of the greens and fruits. Give everything they can consume in moderation while maintaining the usual mixed seeds and pellets for a healthy diet. Good luck and much love from one budgie parent to another!

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