Can Budgies Eat Eggs? (Are Eggs Good for Budgies)

Are eggs a friendly food for budgies? There are countless arguments online, but the verdict usually leans toward a yes. After lengthy research that took the whole night and my good sleep, I am well-versed on whether eggs are edible for my parakeet family or not.

Therefore, if you are looking for an answer out there, do not hesitate to read this article right this instant. Can budgies eat eggs? Let us see what thousands of avian parents and vets say regarding the subject.

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Feeding Eggs to Budgies: Is It Safe?

Many new budgie parents might find feeding eggs to birds a bit weird. One even felt guilty, saying how it seemed like feeding budgies one of its kind. Let me clarify one thing for you. The chicken eggs you buy from stores are usually unfertilized. So you are safe from feeling mortified.

Besides, eggs are an excellent source of nutrients that we enjoy during breakfast. Did you know that budgies devour their own egg if they face nutrient deficiency? This is harsher than serving them chicken eggs!

So, can budgies eat boiled eggs? Absolutely, and there are several ways to feed them.

Benefits of Feeding Eggs to Budgies

But how does consuming an egg benefit the budgies? Look at the list below: 

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Protein
  • Calcium

Simply feeding seeds to the parakeets does not cover the above vitamins and minerals. Calcium is one example that budgies often lack if you give them mixed seeds only. It is one of the reasons budgies target their own eggs.

Here are some points you should read to understand why giving eggs in moderation is healthy for parakeets:

  • Eggs have abundant protein.
  • Protein aids in maintaining robust bones and feathers.
  • It also allows strong muscle growth and a superb energy supply.
  • Consuming eggs helps with digestion.
  • It is highly nutritious without sugar or carb content.
  • No part of an egg is wasted. Budgies can eat everything.
  • Calcium deficiency due to lack of eating eggs can lead to depression, fractures, weakness, or even laying eggs with thin shells.
  • No chance of diarrhea, thanks to the sugar-free value.

Ways to Feed Eggs to Budgies

Feed Eggs to Budgies

Budgies can eat all parts of an egg. This is all you have to know. There is no sugar content to worry about or check calories all the time.

Do you want to know how you can feed chicken eggs to the lovely parakeets?

1. Hard-Boiled

Ever since learning about how calcium deficiency forces parakeets to eat their own eggs, I decided never to feed my winged babies raw eggs.

Plus, it is unhealthy too. There can be the growth of bacteria due to raw egg consumption. So, can budgies eat hard-boiled eggs? You can say it is one of their favorite meals! This means giving the boiled yolk and the white part together.

  • Remember to boil the egg for about thirty minutes.
  • You can peel off the shells from the boiled egg for later or keep it on.
  • Use a fork to crush the egg a little.
  • A whole egg can be cumbersome for parakeets to bite and eat.
  • Smaller pieces are an excellent way for them to nibble and enjoy the egg.
  • You can also try cutting the egg in half or quarters.

2. Scrambled

Even I did not know budgies could eat scrambled eggs! Of course, the idea of scrambling is dissimilar to our version. This food texture excites the budgies as it lets a delicious aroma and experience. However, you must adhere to a few things.

  • Keep it plain and simple.
  • You might like green onions, garlic, herbs, and various spices in your scrambled eggs, but it is not suitable for budgies.
  • Add no salt or sugar when scrambling an egg for your birds.
  • Never include pepper; it can upset the little digestive system.
  • You might use a tiny amount of olive oil when cooking.
  • Scramble the egg at a low temperature.
  • Serving the meal hot on a plate is for humans. Thus, cool the cooked egg completely before offering it to the budgies.

3. Eggshells

So, what do you do with the eggshells from the boiled egg? Can budgies eat eggshells? Parakeets can nibble on every part of an egg, including the shells. Just crush it a little so that birds can eat the insides too. There are several other ways to feed the eggshells:

  • If you do not want to serve them with the egg, you can bake them like cookies for ten minutes. Make sure they do not turn brown. Crush/grind them afterward to give the budgies a sliver of calcium.
  • You can crush shells and add them to the seed mix. It allows a good boost of calcium while enjoying a regular meal with a crunch.
  • Grinding the eggshells is another way to serve before the budgies. Mix it with their usual diet during nesting season to promote healthy bodies.


Can parakeets eat boiled eggs?

Yes, parakeets can eat the yolk, the white part, and the eggshells as well.

How often to feed eggs to budgies?

The rule of thumb is to give half an egg once or twice a week. You can refrigerate the other half with shells attached to feed the following week.

Are boiled eggs good for parakeets?

Yes, boiled eggs offer a wide range of nutrients that seed mix may not cover fully. Boiled eggs contain protein and calcium. Both are vital for a budgie to grow healthily.


Can budgies eat eggs? I feed my parakeets eggs several times a month to ensure a hearty life. One of the pairs has already laid charming little eggs, and the budgies did not try to eat them! Now being a parent and a grandparent of these budgies, I fully understand how they also need love and support, just as human infants do.

Best wishes.

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