Can Canaries and Finches Live Together Peacefully?

Having a diverse aviary is a delightful experience. Each bird species comes with its beauty and personality, but not all of them are equally compatible. Finches and canaries are some of the most popular picks for aviaries. But can canaries and finches live together?

Both canaries and finches are friendly birds and can peacefully cohabit. In a proper environment, these two will enrich each other’s lives. In this article, we’ll talk about their compatibility along with some other useful information that will help you to keep them together in a cage peacefully.

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together?

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together Peacefully? 1
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Canaries and Finches are one of the most social bird breeds, thus they can live together harmoniously both in the wild and in captivity. They have quite a lot in common which makes them marvelous companions in the long run.

Important Consideration While Keeping Finches and Canaries Together

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together Peacefully? 2
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Although they are quite friendly, there are factors you need to take into consideration such as nesting area, spacious environment, proper diet, and most importantly, not overcrowding the cage. Let’s go over them in short –

Don’t Overcrowd the Cage

Regardless of the cage size, overcrowding the birds will always lead to bullying. Finches love staying in large groups, but in captivity, a smaller flock is usually best for them.

So, keeping 2-3 pairs together is the best option. A small sustainable aviary will be much more enjoyable and less stressful for the birds.

Ensure a Proper Diet

Canaries and finches share a common diet. This mostly consists of wild berries, seeds, and grains.

Fresh leafy veggies are also an important part of their diet. You can put out some fresh kale, spinach, and spring beans along with sunflower seeds, canary seeds, and nuts.

Fresh water and food supply is a crucial steps for successful cohabitation. Hence, you should always make sure there’s enough food for both birds.

Invest in a Comfortable Home

Canary and finch breeds love to fly around. So, it is essential to have enough space to maintain a cheerful and healthy flock.

A bigger cage is always better, so if you plan on keeping multiple birds, go for a 47-50 inch cage. The proper birdhouse will give birds quality playtime.

Also, be sure to install some high perches. Finches and canaries rest from time to time. Finally, don’t overcrowd the cage with toys as it increases the likelihood of injuries.

Provide Multiple Feeding Bowls

Both birds tend to be protective of their resources, and this could lead to fighting. So, the final key to keeping finches and canaries together is to have multiple feeding and watering stations.

Keep at least one feeding bowl reserved for a single pair, but if you plan on keeping more than one pair, then we recommend putting out 2-3 feeding bowls.

Also, inspect regularly to see if the birds are getting enough food and water. If birds start to become protective, you may need to put out more feeding stations.

Keeping Different Breeds of Canary and Finches Together

Every bird has a unique taste, and some breeds might not get along with others. So, this might make you think, what breed of canaries and finches can I keep together? This section will let you know compatible breeds among them to make their co-existence peaceful.

Having Gouldian Finches and Canaries in the Same Cage

Gouldian Finches and Canaries in the Same Cage

Gouldian finches are a calm and docile breed, so it is possible to keep them with canaries. Some common breeds that go well with Gouldians are Domestic Canary, Green Canary, and Yellow Canary.

Various finch breeds such as Owl finches, Society finches, and Longtail finches are also compatible with Gouldian. Bear in mind that they become aggressive during mating season. So, we advise housing the birds in a spacious cage.

How Well Do Canaries and Zebra Finches Get Along?

Canaries and Zebra Finches Get Along

The Zebra finch is one of the most popular finch breeds. However, they are highly territorial and active, so other active breeds like canaries aren’t a good choice for companions. But, if you choose to keep them together, you’ll need a reasonably large aviary.

Can Canaries and Finches Live with Other Small Birds?

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together Peacefully? 3
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Okay, now you know the ground rules for creating a peaceful canary-finch aviary. But what if your birds don’t get along?

Don’t worry; in that case, here are some other bird species that get along well with both finches and canaries –

How Often Do Canaries and Finches Fight?

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Like we’ve said before, finches and canaries are peaceful birds and rarely get into a fight. But, some breeds of finches tend to be dominant and can become hostile to canaries. So, it is best to pair canaries with passive finch breeds.

Preventing Fighting Among Birds

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together Peacefully? 5
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It’s natural for birds to chase each other in a playful manner, but constant bickering may stress the birds and severely affect their well-being. If you notice something unusual, here are some considerations you can take to resolve the matter –

1. Introduce Birds in the Cage at the Same Time

You must introduce different kinds of birds inside the cage at the same time. If one particular type of bird has already been in the cage for quite a sometime, they will treat the cage as their own territory, and won’t let other types of birds live inside without fighting.

2. Check on the Birds Daily

Monitor their behavior on a daily basis. Try to find out what they are fighting on. Regular check-ups will help you to create a better-suited habitat.

3. Let the Birds Get Familiar

Try introducing the birds before you put them in the cage together. This way, the birds will get familiar with each other. This reduces the chances of bullying by a great deal.

4. Always Keep Breeding Pairs Separated

Birds tend to get quite protective in mating season. If you have a breeding pair, then keep them separated from the flock during this time.

5. Don’t Keep Too Many Birds in the Same Cage

Birds can also fight over living space and nesting areas. So, be careful not to overcrowd the cage.

Is Possible to Crossbreed Between Canaries and Finches?

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together Peacefully? 6
Image Credit: Janet Griffin-Scott, Canva

In theory, it is possible to breed canaries and finches in captive conditions. But the chances of it happening in a natural habitat are unlikely. Greenfinch and goldfinches are ideal choices if you wish to breed with canaries. A finch-canary hybrid is known as mules. They have a longer lifespan and also have a melodious tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bird can live with a canary?

Canaries require large aviaries in order to co-exist with other species. Generally, they can live with the following birds if given enough space: Java Sparrow, Lavender Waxbill, Zebra Finch, and Strawberry Finch.

Can a canary mate with a finch?

Yes, canaries and finches can mate with each other. When they cross, a hybrid breed of bird is born that is called a ‘mule’. Mules usually have a more melodic tone and happier life than domestic canaries.

Do canaries need a companion?

As canaries are low-maintenance birds, they’re known to love living alone. They just need fresh food and enough room for flying to be content. If you have just one canary, it’ll just need a big cage that has everything the bird needs, i.g., water, food, sticks/toys, etc.

Do finches and canaries like to be held?

Canaries and finches are friendly. Despite being quite lovable, finches rarely like to be held or handled by owners. The same goes for canaries. But, they do enjoy being around humans and singing for their owners.

What birds can you mix with canaries?

Canaries are known to be social birds that can breed with other species of birds. If you have sufficient space/room for canaries, they can be housed with Gouldian finches, Plum-headed and double-barred finches, Parrotfinches, and more.

Should I put toys in the cage?

Pet birds love to spend their time playing, singing, and flying around the cage. So, it wouldn’t hurt to have some well-placed toys made of safe materials. Also, don’t overcrowd the cage as it might stress out the bird.


Keeping a pet bird is a wonderful journey, and it can be more enjoyable when you have multiple breeds living together in harmony. Canaries and finches are amazing pet birds. Although both of them will be happiest with their own kind, it is possible to keep them together in the right environment.

Now that you know the answer to can canaries and finches live together. It’s time to grab a pair from your nearest pet store and start building your peaceful aviary.

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