Can Lovebirds and Finches Live Together? – in Same Cage!

If you are a bird lover but never really tried to own them in your house, you might wonder if you can keep lovebirds and finches together or not. It really creates a debate among bird owners as each of them is different on the basis of characteristics, habits, and attitudes.

So, can lovebirds and finches live together? In this article, we have tried to cover all the factors that can be helpful for you to keep lovebirds and finches, whether in the same cage or separately. Besides, you will also get to know their unique characteristics and communication methods. So, let us just dive into this!

Why Is It a Matter of Concern?

If you are new at keeping and raising birds, this might be a bit confusing to you. But it is surely a matter of concern about rearing birds of different species in the same cage.

Because every bird has unique traits, and it may be hard to live and adapt to another bird with dissimilar traits.

If you are raising a single bird and get another bird of different species, it can be an unwanted situation for both of them. Because, they are different from each other, which can create compatibility issues.

Besides, if the previous one is aggressive and maintains territorial factors quite seriously, there can be problems between them.

Another factor worth mentioning is the different categories of birds. If you keep a songbird and a bird of prey in one cage, it is obvious that there will be a lack of compatibility.

But in this case, you can keep them together if you can maintain a large space for them to live on their own.

That is why you have to know the different characteristics of each species so that you can rear birds while maintaining their social and psychological factors.

If you can ensure compatibility among different species of birds, it will be a blessing for you and also for them as well.

Characteristics of Lovebirds

Characteristics of Lovebirds

People around the world raise different species of birds as pets, including hunting birds, singing birds, and many more. But, lovebirds are probably the most playful, colorful, and tamed ones you will ever find. The common characteristics of lovebirds are briefly described here.

1. Personality Traits

Lovebirds remain joyful and playful most of the time if they love their owner and are taken care of properly. They want attention from their owners, and you can also rear them without pairs by giving enough love, affection, and attention. If you are socially interactive with them, they can be very cuddly towards you.

2. Social Bonds

Generally, lovebirds can create a good social bond with their owner if properly tamed. But aggressiveness can be a noteworthy trait for lovebirds in case they are not handled with enough care from the beginning.

Sometimes, they can be aggressive towards other lovebirds or birds from another species. In such cases, you should keep the aggressive ones in separate cages.

3. Chirping and Chattering

Though lovebirds are similar to parrots to some extent, they do not produce a loud sound like parrots. But their chirping is not so low, and it has a high pitch level.

Usually, they chatter and chirp loudly when they see their loved ones near them while they need attention and love.

Characteristics of Finches

Characteristics of Finches

Often people think of finches as wild birds as they are mostly found in the forest areas. But you can also keep them as pet birds with proper care and affection. Their characteristics, traits, and voice can obviously make you fall in love with them. Let us discuss the common characteristics.

1. Interactions to Other Birds

As wild birds, they always remain in small groups and separate flocks. So if you are keeping them as house birds, they should never be kept alone. But often a pair of them can get aggressive over another pair. So, keeping a small flock is a better option while rearing them.

2. Chirps and Songs

If you have not seen a finch as a pet bird, you really can’t imagine how beautifully it sings! They are often called songbirds rather than wild birds because of their singing traits. Their chirping is kind of sharper than most other birds. Often, their chirp can be heard like screaming and calling simultaneously.

3. Creating Social Bonds

Finches are not so cuddly pet birds like parrots and lovebirds. They can create a good bonding with their owners and can be lovely birds if properly taken care of. But they don’t seek extra attention or affection from humans.

Can Finches and Lovebirds Live Together?

Now that you have learned about all the traits of both lovebirds and finches, it is natural to ask whether love birds can live with finches or not. Actually, we are going to discuss this depending on the following factors.

Ensure Proper Care and Attention for Birds

If you can ensure enough space, attention, and proper care for your pet birds, you might take the chance of keeping them together.

In such cases, you need to check on them from time to time and give them enough attention.

As a result, there will be less chance for them (especially the lovebirds) to get jealous of another and become aggressive.

Can You Take All-Day Care?

On the other hand, you should avoid keeping these two together if you are not a free person to provide all-day care.

But in such cases, you can keep them in separate cages ensuring enough space. If you can maintain this, they can live together without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you keep lovebirds without pairs?

It is not necessary all the time to keep lovebirds in pairs. With enough attention, love, and proper care, you can keep them as house birds without pairs. In the case of breeding, you can get another one without rearing it from the beginning.

Are finches aggressive birds?

Generally, wild finches are not so aggressive, while the house finches can be a bit aggressive toward other birds. But if you keep them in small flocks or groups, they act normally without any jealousy or fighting tendency.

How can lovebirds and finches live together?

Keeping them separately is an effective way to do this. Besides, the lovebirds and finches can also live together if there is enough space and distance between themselves.

Final Words

Lovebirds and finches are two different species of bird with some dissimilar and unique characteristics and traits.

So, if anyone asks you this question ‘can lovebirds and finches live together’ you got a lot to explain to that person.

A general suggestion is to not keep them together in the same cage. But you can keep them in such a way where they can live in their personal space with comfortable surroundings.

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