Can Doves and Finches Live Together? In the Same Cage!

Keeping different species of birds together might seem like a real challenge if you are unfamiliar with their dissimilar traits and habits. Because often birds of different species might not get along with each other even if you take care of them nicely.

Doves and finches both are easy birds to keep as pets. But keeping them together will obviously require your extra effort.

Often bird owners have a common query about whether can doves and finches live together or not. These two birds can live together as shared habitats if you treat them well and ensure a healthy community.

In this article, you will get to know various characteristics of doves and finches, along with some essential tips for keeping them together. So, let us just dive into this.

Different Characteristics of Doves and Finches

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Though doves and finches have unique personalities, you can keep them together by ensuring compatibility between them. For creating a socially interactive community around them, you need to learn about their different characteristics.

1. Personality

Doves are the most gentle and empathetic among all other pet birds. Generally, they remain quiet and shy most of the time, which makes them a bit different from other house birds.

But they can be playful and friendly if you give them enough love and affection. They are gentle, docile, and warm; so, they can get very close to humans and share the love.

On the other hand, finches are not too playful like doves and like to remain by themselves all the time. They can be friendly towards their owner and other birds. But, you will not find them too cuddly and interactive.

2. Chirping and Singing

Generally, doves are not singing birds but they produce a sweet, soothing, and attractive sound. You will hear doves chirping every morning, and sometimes the sound seems like mourn. These doves are often called mourning doves.

Some doves make a certain wooing sound to attract their mate or partners. Generally, male doves make these wooing chirps.

Unlike doves, finches are singing birds with sweet and melodic voices. Father finches teach their children to sing, and the baby finches use their father’s tones to make new sounds.

While fighting, finches make low, sharp, long, and thin sounds. Flocks of finches become extremely noisy during fights.

3. Social Interaction

Both doves and finches are social house birds and can make social bonds with humans quite easily. But doves are more socially interactive compared to finches.

As finches are wild birds living in forests, they do not like to cuddle with humans. They can maintain a well-bonding with their owner but also love to stay on their own. Excessive human touch and attention can irritate them.

But doves are highly interactive with humans and other birds. They are friendly and can easily set a connection with their owner. If you own a dove, you might have got your perfect companion for life.

Keeping Doves and Finches Together in a Cage

You can raise doves and finches together both in houses and aviaries by ensuring their own requirements. You have to make sure that they are not being jealous or aggressive and can get along with one another.

Can doves live with finches in the same cage?

If you are keeping them in the same cage, it is necessary to introduce them before you place them together. Maintain a large cage so that they can fly and have enough space to live on their own.

In case you have different cages for them, you might place them together without introducing them. But the first introduction is always preferable for raising different species of birds together.

As doves are peaceful birds, they do not usually fight. But if they are threatened with their territory, they might get aggressive.

On the other hand, finches also remain cautious about their territorial issues. So, you should always keep them single or in groups depending on the behavior you notice.

While you are keeping them together, always keep them of the same gender, size, and age. Otherwise, they can be dominant over one another and create conflicts.

Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider while raising doves and finches together. These tips will help you to maintain a peaceful surrounding for them and avoid conflicts between each other.

1. House and Aviary Setups

If you are keeping both the birds in your house, make sure to arrange a cage where they can move freely. Keep the aggressive birds in separate cages both in houses and aviaries to avoid fights among them.

In case you are raising birds in pairs, you can arrange separate spaces for each pair. Make sure the cage is made with such material that keeps their feet healthy.

2. Managing Fights and Conflicts

Fights among birds of different species can be very noisy as they become very aggressive while fighting. The best way to manage fights between doves and finches is to calm and distract them.

You can distract them by moving your hand outside the cage. If they become a bit calm, pet them with your hand inside the cage.

3. Keeping Separate Food, Water, and Toys

Though you keep both the birds in the same cage, provide separate bowls of food and water for each of them. Because, the same food resources might create territorial conflicts.

Besides, arrange real or artificial trees and branches inside the cages for keeping them busy and playful. You can also keep separate foraging points for them for engaging them in short and playful fights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can diamond dove live with finches?

Diamond doves are better at social interaction than other doves and can mix with humans and with other birds pretty well. As they are friendly and playful, they can live with finches by maintaining a healthy bond.

Is it necessary to keep doves and finches in pairs?

You can raise doves and finches with or without pairs. To keep them single, you should give them enough attention and love so that they can play with you and remain cheerful.

Can ring neck doves live with finches?

Ring neck doves are probably the best for housing as pet birds because you can house them easily. As they are more comfortable living in pairs, you should keep them in pairs along with finches.

Final Words

When it comes to raising doves and finches together, you should always be careful about their requirements and needs. Make them comfortable around each other so that they can get along well.

In a well-maintained cage with a healthy environment, you can raise them together without any issues. Hopefully, all your confusion might have cleared about whether can doves and finches live together or not.

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