Can Parakeets Live Outside In A Cage?

Birds being a fan of nature in general, you would think they would like to stay outside. Or, at least, I thought so. But parakeets are known as ideal pets for a reason, which brings us to the question – can parakeets live outside in a cage?

Even though they are meant to live in the outside world, chances are, they won’t enjoy their time just as much as staying inside their cage while it’s outside. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t keep a parakeet outside in its cage.

If you are concerned about what those reasons might be, then rest assured – because we will be discussing it all right here for your convenience. Once you get to know about it, you will decide to keep your parakeet inside, where it belongs!

Can Parakeets Stay Outside?

Can Parakeets Stay Outside?

Parakeets are tropical birds, so it might seem like a good idea to keep them outside for good. But before you make such an important decision, consider this – how many parakeets have actually survived staying out for days?

There can be a number of reasons as to why that is not a good idea, but let’s focus on the most basic part here; parakeets need to be taken care of by their owners, and when they are not in your sight, it is imminent for you to miss signs of their discomfort.

You can leave them out for a few hours, they might enjoy the breeze and seeing the wildlife for some time, but when it is prolonged, they would want to escape and move to a more comfortable zone, which you might not notice.

Therefore, you can keep them outside for some time, but make sure not to have that as a permanent arrangement, as that may call for unwanted repercussions, and you wouldn’t want that for your pet bird.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Keep a Parakeet Outside

We have clarified before that there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t keep your parakeet outside in a cage. Once you get to know the reasons yourself, you will realize that keeping it inside will be a much safer option.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Keep a Parakeet Outside

Can Come Across Predators

Once you leave them outside, you will have to consider the fact that there are a number of predators who can attack your little bird. These predators include larger birds, cats, monkeys, and so on.

Even if you are sure that there are none of these predators across your living area, there might still be creatures out there who will disturb your parakeet and make it less peaceful for them.

The Temperature Can Be Out of Control

Parakeets cannot tolerate too much heat; at the same time, they can die because of excessive cold as well.

When they are outside, it is less likely for you to be able to control the temperature and keep them comfortable. Hence, it is surely a better option to keep them inside where you can control the temperature.

Might Feel Lonely

Unless your parakeet has a companion for itself, it will surely feel lonely and become stressed out due to the solitude. And even with a companion, it might want to interact with you, as you are its owner.

So, try to keep your parakeet in a space where you will be able to readily interact with the bird and create a bond with it.

Can try to escape

If the parakeet is under stress and in an environment where it is not feeling comfortable, then it will surely try to escape.

Even if the parakeet has enough of a bond with you, under such circumstances, it is less likely for the parakeet to care about it. Hence, on one fine morning, you might realize that the parakeet is gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parakeets live outside in winter?

Winter can be horrible for parakeets; as tropical birds, they are prone to prefer warmer weather. Living under lower temperatures can be especially harmful to their health, and it can lead to several respiratory diseases, which might lead to death eventually.

How long can a parakeet survive outside?

It really depends on the situation as to how long they will be able to survive outside. If the situation is ideal, then it will surely enjoy its time for a few days. But eventually, you will have to bring it in because too much exposure to the outside world may become uncomfortable for them.

Can I take my budgie outside in his cage?

Yes, you can definitely take your budgie outside in his cage. In fact, if you are with him throughout the time it is out, then it will surely enjoy the overall experience. But make sure not to leave him alone for too long or to stop monitoring his behavior.

Can parakeets stay outside for a few hours?

Unless or until it’s really hot outside, or the winter breeze is really cold, or it’s raining pretty heavily, your budgie is supposed to be safe for a few hours. At the same time, you should also make sure that there are no predators outside around that time.

Can you keep a parakeet outside with a companion?

Things might be easier for your parakeet with a companion. But, it is only easy up to an extent; eventually, both the parakeets will start feeling uncomfortable, and being together in that situation will not be helpful for any of them.

Final Words

Can parakeets live outside in a cage? Sure, but the actual question is, for how long can they do that? Before you leave them outside, make sure to provide an arrangement where they won’t end up feeling comfortable.

Moreover, always check the weather – if you want your bird to love you still, then don’t leave it in an uncomfortable situation!

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