Do Parakeets Like Being Sprayed with Water?

While parakeets are quite convenient as pets, there are surely some concerns regarding them that continuously roam around in my mind. And recently, I started wondering about their cleanliness and how I should ensure it. Should I provide showers to my parakeets? Do parakeets like being sprayed with water?

The truth is, parakeets do like being sprayed with water, but the right method needs to be applied for sure. At the same time, you cannot always guarantee that your pet bird is going to like it; hence, it is important to look for the signs.

With further research and speculation, I got to know a lot about how parakeets like being showered and how often should they have showers in the first place. Here, I will be discussing it all with you.

Signs that Your Parakeet Likes Being Sprayed with Water

Everyone likes getting a shower every once in a while to clean themselves off of all the dirt – and obviously, parakeets are no different in this case. However, does that mean every parakeet would prefer to take a shower?

Well, that might not be the case, and for you to be absolutely sure that your parakeet does in fact enjoy the shower that it takes, you should look out for the signs that we will be mentioning here.

Playing While Showering

One of the most prominent ways of knowing what your parakeet is liking its shower session with you is to observe whether it is playing with water or not. This can include the parakeet bobbing its head or moving around frequently.


If you find your parakeet shaking its feathers, or preening quite a bit while showering, then chances are that it is quite fond of being sprayed with water. Don’t take this body language as a sign for them to dislike showering.


How to know your parakeet is happy? See whether it is singing or not. Signing while showering or chirping is another way of knowing whether they are enjoying the shower session or not.

How Should You Spray Your Parakeet with Water?

If your parakeet likes being sprayed with water, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience even better for them. For that, you will have to know how they like being sprayed with water in the first place – which we will discuss here.

Use a Clean Spray Bottle

Chemicals can harm your parakeets – and this is no secret. Hence, make sure your spray bottle does not contain any chemicals. At the same time, you should also make sure that it does not contain other substances as a matter of fact.

Adjust the nozzle

Adjusting the nozzle can make a huge difference – you can either mist your parakeet or shoot it with a water gun, it’s up to you. Make sure the flow is consistent and not too strong.

Keep the Temperature Right

Parakeets are not a fan of too much heat, but at the same time, they do not prefer very cold temperatures as well. Hence, you should keep the water at room temperature for your parakeet.

Make Sure the Mist Is Spread Evenly

Instead of focusing on only one spot when spraying your parakeet, you should make sure it is soaked properly. Make sure not to miss any spots, and definitely don’t overdo it.

Benefits of Spraying Your Parakeet with Water

Why should you take the hassle of showering your parakeet every once in a while? Are there any real benefits to it? Well, we will discuss it all over here for you.

Cooling off

Is summer heat bothering your parakeet a lot? A quick shower session can surely cool them off real quickly and prevent the chances of overheating.


Of course, we all shower to keep ourselves clean. But spraying your parakeet with water can also teach it a thing or two about grooming, which will make it care about its cleanliness more.

Reduces Skin Irritation

Parakeets can develop skin irritations and diseases every now and then, and keeping them clean can really help reduce that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I spray my parakeet with water?

You won’t have to spray your parakeet with water every day; in fact, doing it twice every week will be more than enough for them. Unless you see them getting dirty too fast due to the environment, it is not necessary to spray them.

How long does it take for parakeets to dry?

Most parakeets prefer to air-dry themselves after taking a shower. That can take around an hour or so, depending on the environment. You can give them a soft towel to make the drying process faster – then it might take a few minutes or so.

How do I tell my parakeet doesn’t like being wet?

There is no guarantee that your parakeet will like being sprayed with water. So look out for signs of aggressiveness, biting, hissing, and so on while you are spraying it with water. If these signs are frequent, then stop spraying them.

Should I help the parakeet dry out after showering?

You can definitely help your parakeet dry out after showering – especially if they catch a cold by the time they air-dry after showering. You can give them a towel, or you can blow-dry them while maintaining the temperature of the air.

Should I use any chemicals to shower my parakeet?

It is an absolutely bad idea to use any sort of chemicals when showering your parakeet. They might give a negative reaction to the chemicals that you would be using, which will surely do more harm than good.

Do parakeets like to be misted with water?

Definitely; as long as you are doing it right and keeping the flow proper, they will like it. And if your pet doesn’t, then you will know.

Final Words

Do parakeets like being sprayed with water? Just as some of us would like the rain and others won’t, you can expect these birds to be the same.

All you can do is be cautious with your pet and take its likings and dislikings seriously as you observe it.

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