Do Budgies Need a Friend? (Are Budgies Social)

Whenever I plan on buying a budgie for myself, I go to the store and find them in pairs quite often. Not only that, most people tend to have at least two budgies – even four to five at times. That made me wonder – do budgies need a friend?

Well, since budgies are sociable creatures, they do need a friend. It helps them in a lot of aspects; but most importantly, it prevents them from getting lonely in the long run. You can either bring in a new companion for them, or you can buy them in pairs to avoid any hassle whatsoever.

But just like you, I was also curious about why is companionship necessary for them – and that is what I researched while providing the insights in this article.

Why Do Budgies Need a Friend?

Why Do Budgies Need a Friend?

Budgies usually come in pairs – and that is for a reason. Most people end up thinking that this is due to the need for the partnership for budgies. However, what they actually need is a friend; and in most cases, the more, the merrier.

Now, everyone needs a friend; but why is it mandatory for budgies? If you are wondering why your pet budgie will be needing a friend, we are here to discuss the reasons right here.

Budgies Are Social Creatures

If there is one thing that budgies love, it is surely socializing. Whether it is with your or with other birds or animals for a change, they will love to socialize and befriend others as long as there is no potential threat.

Budgies Get Lonely

Since they are quite social, budgies also get lonely pretty easily; especially if you leave them home alone from time to time, they will become quite lonely. Hence, it is necessary to give them companionship by having another budgie.

Helps Them Exercise

Budgies love to play with one another, preen each other, and serenade among themselves as well. This helps them exercise and prevents obesity – keeping them healthy in the long run.

How to Get a Friend for Your Budgie?

How to Get a Friend for Your Budgie?

If you are noticing that your budgie is already getting pretty lonely, then it is surely about time to bring in a friend for them. But there is no guarantee that they will get along with the budgie that you are bringing for them.

So, how can you ensure friendship between them? How to get a friend for your budgie? Here are some tips you can follow to help your budgie adjust even better.

Keep a Separate Cage

When you bring in the new budgie, make sure to keep it in a separate cage altogether. Even if it is a temporary setting, it should be initiated at first to make sure the new budgie is adjusting to your household well.

Keep the Cages Close

Keep both cages close and see whether they are trying to interact or not. At the same time, you should also look out for any sort of hostility between the two birds.

Make a Slow Introduction

If the last part went well, then you should slowly introduce the two birds by putting one of them into the other’s cage. You should start by giving them a few hours together and slowly turn it into a permanent setting.


Even if you see them playing around a lot, you should still make sure that they don’t turn those into fights. Such hostility can actually worsen the situation than making it any better for your budgie.

Is It Better to Have One or Two Budgies?

Is It Better to Have One or Two Budgies?

Even though companionship is good for your budgie, but is it actually a good idea to have two budgies for yourself? Well, we will give some insights on that right here.

Same Food Requirements

Since all budgies more or less have the same sort of diet, you won’t have to go out of your way to buy different foods for them.

Less Attention Required

Your budgies will be too busy playing with each other to require much attention from you; hence, they will be less lonely, and you will be more tension-free.

Less Care Needed

If your budgies are happier, then they will be healthier too in general – so you won’t have to care for their health as much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my budgie’s friend dies?

Just like human beings, budgies will also grieve if their companions die. But that does not mean that they will not accept a new mate eventually; just give them some time and then bring in someone new for them.

What if the budgies don’t get along?

If the budgies don’t get along, then you can either look for incentives to make them get along or find new companions for them. To avoid this, it is usually better to buy budgies in pairs, as they are already used to each other.

Should I get another budgie or a bird of a different breed?

Getting another budgie is surely the best option. But since budgies are sociable creatures, they will accept birds of other breeds as well. Just make sure the two breeds are actually compatible.

Will I be able to bond with two budgies?

Yes, definitely. It might seem as if they will be too invested in one another, but that won’t be the case. With enough attention and bonding time, both of your budgies will become fond of you.

Should the budgies be of the same gender?

It depends on whether you want them to breed or not. If not, you can have two male budgies; and if so, then having one female and one male budgie would be the best option.

Final Words

Watching your budgies get lonely is surely not a good feeling – and giving them enough attention can be a little difficult for you too. So, do budgies need a friend? Surely, and even if you are planning on becoming that friend, it is best to provide them with a constant companion they can play with.

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