How Smart Are Budgies?

It took a shorter time for my budgies to learn speech and tricks than I anticipated – which left me in awe. That made me wonder, just how smart are budgies?

And truly, budgies are one of the most intelligent birds out there. They are capable of many things – tricks, speech, problem-solving etc. In fact, they are considered to be smarter than many mammals as well.

If you don’t train your budgie, then it will still be as smart a 2-year old toddler. But with training, it can truly be even smarter than that and exceed all your expectations.

I tried to study their intelligence and how smart that they tend to be in general – and you will find it all right here.

Are Budgies Smart?

Are Budgies Smart?

Well, with a small-sized brain, you wouldn’t expect budgies to be highly intelligent. However, they are one of the non-mammal species who are smart enough to comprehend human language.

There are tons of things budgies can do due to their intelligence – understand and mimic human and other languages, form connections with their owners and other species and also resolve problems when needed.

But are they as intelligent as cats and dogs? Well, many people believe that is not the case – cats and dogs tend to be smarter. But is that really the case? Untrained budgies are on par with a two-year-old human, so we don’t necessarily have to agree to that.

Reasons Budgies Are Considered to Be Smart

Reasons Budgies Are Considered to Be Smart

If you are still wondering what makes budgies smart, then we are here to discuss a few reasons that make them smarter than other birds – and even mammals.

Can Imitate Others

Budgies are capable of imitating all kinds of sounds – whether it’s music, whistling, or just the sound other animals make, budgies make no exception.

Produce Vocalizations

But do they understand the sound that they are making? Yes, they do sometimes. And that is how they can produce vocalizations that contain different meanings.

Memorize Commands

Since budgies are capable of understanding the meanings of words and phrases, they can also memorize commands. This lets them do whatever their owner wishes for them to do.

Perform Tasks

Lastly, budgies are smart enough to perform tasks that require problem-solving and complex thinking patterns.

Ways to Keep Your Budgie Sharp

Ways to Keep Your Budgie Sharp

Just because your budgie is smart already, doesn’t mean you won’t put any effort into keeping it sharp throughout its life. There are some tricks you can apply to keep the parakeet as sharp as ever.

Provide Stimulation

An idle brain will do no good – and without stimulation, your budgie’s brain will not be put to any use. Play some music, make it watch TV, etc.

Buy Some Toys

Playing with toys or playing tricks can cause the budgies to be even smarter. When they have an activity to be busy with or a problem to solve, they will definitely be sharp.

Large Cage

Restricting the movement of a budgie will only cause its intelligence to fade away – hence, make sure the budgie is put in a large enough cage where it can move around freely.


Tricks, games, toys, music, and so on can only keep your budgie busy and stimulated to an extent. Make sure it is socializing enough – with you and possibly a companion.

Flying Sessions

Flying from one place to another can prove to be beneficial for your budgie. It can also improve the problem-solving ability of your budgie and keep it as smart as ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do budgies understand humans?

Budgies tend to respond when humans interact with them, understand the difference between different commands, and also differentiate between several people – hence, we can say that budgies do understand humans quite well.

Are budgies smarter than cockatiels?

Even though cockatiels are larger in size, we cannot assume them to be smarter than budgies. In fact, intelligence-wise, they are both on par with one another. They are both capable of doing the same things and comprehending everything in the same way.

Are parakeets smarter than dogs?

Dogs are considered to be one of the smartest animals out there – they are known to be man’s best friends after all. However, there are ways in which a budgie might be smarter than a dog and vice versa, so it really depends on what you are looking for.

Are budgies smarter than lovebirds?

When it comes to a comparison between budgies and lovebirds, it is not a tie because budgies surely win the deal intelligence-wise. They are capable of comprehending commands and language a lot better than lovebirds and display more skills.

Are budgies smarter than cats?

The aspect in which a budgie will be smarter than a cat is that they are able to verbally communicate with their owners and other people. Cats, or other mammals, are not able to do that – so they are less intelligent in this sector.

How intelligent are parakeets?

Parakeets are very intelligent creatures – and with training, they can be smarter than a human toddler. In fact, a lot of people tend to prefer parakeets as pets because they tend to be very clever and much easier to handle in general.

Final Words

Budgies are a breed of bird capable of doing everything you teach it – and that will undoubtedly make you wonder – just how smart are budgies?

Well, even if they are already very smart, do keep on doing things that will increase their intelligence and make them even smarter with time.

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