Can Budgies Sleep with the TV On? All You Need to Know!

I have noticed my budgie becoming crankier with time; and eventually, I started becoming concerned about its sleep cycle. And soon I started wondering – can budgies sleep with the TV on?

The answer to this is not straightforward because it really depends on how you are playing the television. With loud noises and brightness, it will obviously be difficult for the budgies to sleep, whether or not you have the TV on.

I always keep the TV on before sleeping at night, and it never occurred to me that it might be a problem for my pet bird. To get to the root of the issue, I started researching more and more and found some useful insights, which I will be sharing here.

Reasons Budgies Cannot Fall Asleep with the TV on

Have you ever woken your budgie up in the middle of the night quite inadvertently? If you have, and if you have noticed your budgie being less cuddly the next day, then the disruption in their sleep was probably the reason. So, why can’t they fall asleep with the TV on? Well, we have got the answers for you here.

The TV Is Too Bright and Noisy

Budgies tend to be rather sensitive, and hence, even a little bit of noise and brightness can ruin their slumber and keep them awake throughout the night. Not to mention, even if they do fall asleep, the noisiness and brightness can disrupt them from sleeping comfortably.

Budgies Prefer Darkness

When sleeping, budgies prefer total darkness – even dim lights are not preferred by them. So, a TV can really make it difficult for them to sleep.

Inconsistency of Sound

Static or consistent noises may go blur for the budgies after some time – but if there is an inconsistency in the volumes or pitches of the noises, then budgies can have a very difficult time sleeping.

How Can You Get Your Budgies to Sleep with the TV on?

How Can You Get Your Budgies to Sleep with the TV on?

Do you have difficulty falling asleep without keeping the TV on while your budgie tends to have difficulty falling asleep while the TV is on? Well, budgies tend to be light sleepers, and it’s not a surprise that even a little bit of TV can hinder their sleep. So, what solution can we find now? Here are some tricks you can apply.

Keep the Cage Covered

You can lower the TV volume and simply cover the budgies so that the excessive brightness from the TV does not bother them during the night. But make sure the cage is covered in a manner so that air can get inside of it.

Lower the TV Volume

We have mentioned it once before, and we will be mentioning it again because budgies are certainly not a fan of loud noises when they are trying to sleep. And TVs can produce a lot of that – hence, make sure the volume is at its lowest, so the budgies are not bothered.

Keep the Budgies in a Separate Room

If you can neither lower the volume nor keep their cage covered, then you should keep them in a separate room for them to sleep in peace.

Make Sure There Are No Loud and Sudden Noises

The loud and sudden noises should not only be refrained from the TV, but you should also make sure not to make any such noises because that will wake your budgies up nonetheless.

Do Budgies Enjoy Watching Television?

Just because budgies can’t sleep with the TV on doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching TV in general. Television helps them remain entertained and also makes sure their time is less boring in general. The colors, movements, speeches, and music can really give budgies a good time. In fact, it might be one of their favorite times throughout the day.

But that doesn’t mean you will have to keep the TV on throughout the day. Just give them their daily dose of entertainment for a few hours, and they will be less bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can budgies sleep with low TV noises?

Yes, unless there is an inconsistency in the noises, budgies will be able to sleep with low TV volume. The noises can become less bothersome with time as well, so they won’t have an issue with the noise in the long run.

Do budgies prefer total darkness while sleeping?

Budgies surely prefer total darkness while sleeping because even with a small amount of light, they have difficulty falling asleep comfortably. In fact, dim light can also disrupt their slumber; therefore, it is best to provide total darkness.

Can watch TV hinder budgies from falling asleep?

It depends on how you are watching the TV; if you keep the brightness and the volume too high, then chances are your budgies won’t sleep at all. But if you keep the volume low and cover the cage, then they will be able to sleep comfortably.

Will covering the cage help when watching TV?

Covering the cage will surely help, but it won’t be of much help if the brightness and volume are too high. So even if you cover the cage, you should make sure the other aspects are well-suited for the bird.

Should budgies sleep inside or outside the cage?

It is best for budgies to sleep inside the cage. But if you have a more comfortable setting for them outside, then sure, why not?

Final Words

Before you decide to keep your pet bird in your room during the night and blast the TV to full volume, you need to ask yourself – can budgies sleep with the TV on?

It is not a good idea to keep them sleepless throughout the night for too long; hence make little adjustments so that your budgie can be in good health.

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