Do Budgies Like Music? What Type Of Music Do Like?

Listening to music while I clean my room really helps me get through the task – and it got even more enjoyable for me when I saw my budgie subtly humming along with my favorite song one day. Seeing its rather happy and cheerful behavior I wondered, do budgies like music?

Just like everyone else, budgies are highly stimulated and entertained by music. Budgies might have different preferences in music, and hence, you won’t see all of them liking the same thing – but they do enjoy music just like us.

But I had to get to the depth of it to make music even better for my budgie – and after hours of research, I found some very interesting insights on it that I will be sharing with you here.

3 Reasons Your Budgies Like Music

Everyone likes to listen to some tunes to get through the day – it can provide stimulation, keep us distracted, or take us to a new dimension in a matter of time.

Budgies also tend to like music a lot; they can enjoy different types of music, and it can be a source of entertainment for them. So, what other reasons might there be for them to like music? Well, we will discuss it all here.

Keeps Them Relaxed and Happy

Music can uplift the mood of any individual throughout the day – and the same goes for budgies. It can make them more relaxed and happier.

Source of Stimulation

Another reason why budgies love music is that it can provide a whole lot of stimulation for them and make them more active in general.

Creates Bond between the Owner and Budgie

The art of music can help the budgie bond with its owner as well – which can be a reason for the budgie and the owner to listen to more and more music together.

Do Budgies Respond to Music?

When we observe our feathery friends closely, it’s clear to see that they’re incredibly responsive to the auditory stimuli in their environment. In a typical setting, Budgies respond to a variety of sounds – from the chatter of their fellow Budgies to the ringing of a bell. But how do they respond when we introduce music into the equation?

Observations and pet owner anecdotes strongly suggest that Budgies do respond to music. Some Budgies will bob their head, chirp along, or even display more energetic behaviors like hopping and flying around. It’s almost as if they’re dancing to the rhythm!

Beyond the anecdotal evidence, the science also aligns with these observations. Birds, in general, have been found to have complex auditory systems. Research from the University of California, Davis, has demonstrated that birds have neural connections that allow them to perceive both pitch and rhythm in music, much like humans.

Recent research have specifically explored how Budgies respond to music. The researchers played a variety of music to Budgies and closely observed their reactions. The results were fascinating, showing distinct behaviors that align closely with the idea that Budgies are indeed responsive to music.

What Kinds of Music Do Budgies Like?

Before you play a certain song for your budgie, it is good to have some idea regarding what kind of music they might like. If they end up disliking what you play for them, then you might not get the chance of creating a bond through music.

So, what kind of music do they like in general? Find out here.

Relaxing and Hypnotic Songs

Budgies are not wild and hyper creatures in general; hence, they prefer relaxing and peaceful tunes as well. If you never played music for your budgie before, then start with something relaxing before moving on to something more hyper.

Instrumental Jazz

Instrumental jazz can be another favorite of budgies. The melodious music can be relaxing for them. However, it is not a good idea to start with instrumental jazz – rather, start with relaxing classical tunes for them to adjust to.

Rock n Roll

Even though most budgies tend to like relaxing music, there are some who like to go full rock n roll. Your budgie might be one of them, and it’s never a bad idea to experiment a little once they have adjusted well to music.

How Does Music Influence Budgies’ Behavior?

Beyond preference, the question arises as to how music actually influences Budgies’ behavior. A paper published in the Journal of Avian Biology indicated that music can indeed have a significant impact on Budgies’ behavior and mood.

When Budgies were exposed to their preferred music, the researchers noticed a clear shift in their behavior. They appeared to be more relaxed, with fewer signs of stress. They also showed increased social behaviors such as preening and social feeding, indicating that music might play a role in enhancing their social interactions.

Interestingly, the researchers also noticed an increase in physical activity when the Budgies were listening to music. They were seen flying and hopping more, almost as if they were ‘dancing’ to the music.

How to Safely Introduce Music to Your Budgie?

While it’s clear that Budgies can enjoy music, it’s essential to introduce music in a way that is safe and comfortable for them. Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  1. Start with low volume: Budgies have sensitive hearing, so it’s best to start with a low volume and gradually increase it as they get accustomed to the music.
  2. Choose calming music: As the research suggests, Budgies tend to prefer calming, slow-paced music. Classical music is an excellent choice to start with.
  3. Observe their reactions: Keep a close eye on your Budgie as they listen to the music. Signs of enjoyment include chirping, head bobbing, and relaxed body language. If you notice signs of stress or discomfort, such as ruffled feathers or frantic movements, it’s best to turn off the music.

Can Budgies Sing Along to Music?

Many Budgie owners have reported instances of their pets seemingly singing along to music. But is this really ‘singing’, or are Budgies simply mimicking the sounds they hear?

Budgies are known for their exceptional mimicking abilities. They can mimic a variety of sounds, from human speech to everyday household noises. When it comes to music, they can often mimic the melody or the rhythm, creating the illusion of them ‘singing along’ to the music.

However, experts argue that this is more a form of mimicry than actual singing. Dr. Timothy F. Wright, a renowned ornithologist and professor at New Mexico State University, explains that while Budgies can reproduce musical sounds, it’s unlikely that they understand the concept of singing as humans do.

Do Budgies Enjoy Music or is it Human Projection?

The question of whether Budgies truly enjoy music or if it’s simply a case of human projection is a complex one. As humans, we tend to anthropomorphize our pets’ behaviors, attributing human emotions and intentions to their actions.

While it’s clear that Budgies respond to music, determining whether they genuinely ‘enjoy’ it is challenging. What we can say with certainty is that Budgies show distinct behaviors in response to music, and these behaviors are typically associated with positive states.

Experts like Dr. Irene Pepperberg, a leading researcher in avian cognition, caution against assuming that birds experience music in the same way humans do. Nevertheless, the positive behavioral changes observed in Budgies when they listen to music suggest that it does have a beneficial impact on their well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do budgies like loud music?

Some budgies might prefer loud music, but that isn’t the case for most budgies. These birds might be active, but they are quite delicate as well, and hence, they should be treated accordingly, even with music.

How should I introduce music to my budgies?

Start with relaxing music and play it at a low volume; you can observe your budgie and see if it’s making any pleasant noises or showing through its body language whether it is liking the music or not.

How do I know if my budgie doesn’t like music?

Observing your budgie can tell you a great deal about it. If you notice signs of irritation such as hissing, loud screaming, or biting, then chances are that they are not liking whatever it is you are playing for them.

Should I let my budgie listen to music often?

Yes, if your budgie is into the music you play, then you should surely play music every day for them. In fact, listening to music every day for an hour with them will also strengthen your bond with them.

Can loud music deafen my budgie?

If you play loud music consistently for a long time, then chances are your budgie will get deaf gradually. Just as loud music can impair our hearing capabilities, the same can happen to them as well.

Final Words

So, do Budgies like music? From the evidence available, it appears that Budgies do respond to music, and certain types of music can influence their behavior positively. While it’s still uncertain whether they enjoy music in the same way humans do, the positive impact of music on their mood and behavior is undeniable.

As a Budgie owner, introducing music to your pet can enhance their environment and provide them with a form of enrichment. Remember, each Budgie is unique, and it’s crucial to observe your own Budgie’s response to music and adjust accordingly.

Regardless of whether Budgies truly ‘understand’ music, one thing is clear: music has the potential to significantly enhance their quality of life, making their days a little chirpier and their world a bit more colorful.

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