Do Parakeets Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

After bringing in my new parakeet, I would never leave it alone – being around the cage and trying to become acquainted with my pet bird became a hobby. I observed it and realized that it often keeps its eyes open while resting, so, do parakeets sleep with their eyes open?

As a matter of fact, they do keep their eyes open at times while sleeping, but it is only to be cautious of their surroundings and look out for predators even during their slumber.

While the concept sounds cool, it can also be a little creepy, and so I really had to look into it. After some research, I found some interesting insights on this matter, which I will share with you right here.

Parakeets Keeping Eyes Both Open and Closed While Sleeping

If you are wondering whether your pet bird is sleeping or not when its eyes are open, we can tell you that it’s a high possibility. Parakeets can keep their eyes both open and close when they are asleep.

But what makes them close their eyes, and what makes them not do so? Well, we are here to provide the answers for you.

Sleeping with Eyes Closed

Sleeping with eyes closed is a natural phenomenon for most species – whether we are talking about humans or animals. So, your parakeet sleeping with its eyes closed is quite natural, and it even signifies that they are comfortable and feels safe in its current environment.

Sleeping with Eyes Open

Parakeets are used to living in wild environments where predators tend to be present as well. In those environments, or in any environment where the parakeet does not feel safe, it might open its eyes and sleep. It can also signify that they are not familiar with the place.

Do Parakeets Prefer Darkness When Sleeping?

Do Parakeets Prefer Darkness When Sleeping?

Even though parakeets tend to keep their eyes open in certain environments, it is also true that they prefer darkness when sleeping. Light can disrupt their sleep and stop them from getting into a deep slumber.

Hence, if they are in a comfortable environment, per se your house, then it is best to ensure darkness around their sleeping time.

The Amount of Sleep Parakeets Require

Whether parakeets keep their eyes open or closed, there is a certain amount of sleep they require throughout the day to function properly. To be well-rested, they need to sleep around 9-12 hours every day.

If they don’t get this amount of sleep during the night, then they might compensate by falling asleep during the day, and that won’t be ideal for their sleeping pattern.

Therefore, around bedtime, make sure their environment is ideal for them to sleep in. Make sure it is entirely dark, and there are little to no sounds coming. At the same time, also make sure the temperature is not too high when they are at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my parakeet is asleep?

If they have their eyes closed and are not moving or providing any reaction, then they are probably asleep. If their eyes are open and they are still not moving, then that also signifies that they are asleep. Look for no movement or reactions.

Do parakeets see if they are sleeping with open eyes?

When a parakeet sleeps with its eye open, the purpose is to look out for predators even when they are in slumber. Hence, even if your parakeet is asleep, their vision will remain activated, and they will be able to see their surroundings throughout the sleep.

Should I cover my parakeets’ cage during bedtime?

If your parakeet feels safe enough in your house to keep its eyes closed while sleeping, then you should definitely cover it to provide more comfort. However, if that is not the case, then coving the cage will only frighten them further.

Do parakeets get frightened with closed eyes?

Parakeets may get frightened with closed eyes if they suddenly sense any predator or if they are subjected to sudden loud noises or movements. Other than that, the chances of them getting frightened are quite low.

Should I provide a bed for my parakeet?

It is not necessary to provide a bed for your parakeet. They can sleep quite well on perches, so make sure their cage contains comfortable perches for them – that would be more suitable for them than a bed.

Final Words

Do parakeets sleep with their eyes open? In reality, many species do. In fact, you might notice some newborn human babies experience this as well.

There is nothing to be concerned about, just give your parakeet some time, and as soon as they start getting comfortable at your place, they will start sleeping with their eyes closed.

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