Can Parakeets and Canaries Live Together?

My parakeets have been nothing short of quiet and decent ever since I started keeping them. But as soon as I brought a canary as their companion and kept them in the same cage, I started noticing some aggression – I mean, can parakeets and canaries live together at all?

Budgies and canaries have difficulty getting along even though they are the same size. Hence, keeping them together can be rather risky and can lead to fights from time to time.

To my surprise, people do keep canaries and budgies together – but not in the same cage. And I have gotten some interesting insights on that, which I will share with you right here.

Reasons Not to Keep Parakeets and Canaries Together

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You can keep parakeets and canaries together in the same house but in the same cage? That is something that you should consider. But why? They are of the same size and often require the same dietary supplements as well, so what makes them different?

Well, we will be discussing that right here with you – reasons you should not keep parakeets and canaries together.

Parakeets Might Bully

Due to the almost same size of both parakeets and canaries, you would probably expect them to get along well. But that is seldom the case because parakeets often bully canaries if they are kept in the same cage.

Aggression and Fights

Bullying and other factors can lead to fights between the two breeds of birds. Moreover, birds are known to peck, and the powerful beaks of parakeets can cause the legs of canaries to snap in half if things get too aggressive.

Social Differences

Budgies are known to be more social than canaries. In contrast, canaries prefer being with their own breeds only or alone, as a matter of fact, budgies are social butterflies and would prefer a whole community of birds to interact with.

Essential Similarities Between Parakeets and Canaries

Similarities Between Parakeets and Canaries

Even though it is dangerous to keep parakeets and canaries in the same cage, they are birds after all – they are meant to have some similarities. So, what are the similarities between these two breeds of birds? Let’s find out here.

Food Requirements

The feeding pattern for both canaries and budgies are technically the same. They like the same kinds of food, and hence, you won’t have to follow two different diets if you are planning on keeping them together in the same house.

Attention Requirements

Even though budgies tend to be more social than canaries, there is no guarantee that one would require more attention than the other. Canaries require similar, if not more, amounts of attention from their human friend, so you will have to make the time to give them both equal attention.


Canaries are almost the same size as budgies. Even though they look quite different from one another, their sizes don’t differ all that much. In general, canaries tend to be a tad smaller than budgies, but they can grow into the size of budgies real quick.

So, Should You Keep Parakeets and Canaries Together?

Should You Keep Parakeets and Canaries Together?

Chances of your canaries and budgies becoming friends and being on good terms together without a fight are rather low. Even if your canaries don’t do a thing, your budgies might still find the incentive to bully them.

Bullying and fights will not only cause physical injuries for the canaries, but it will also cause mental stress for them, which will lead to them being ill for long periods. Hence, it is best not to take risks with these two breeds of birds, as continuous fights and aggression might lead to the death of canaries. Or it might cause them to become severely injured and sick over time.

But if you want to have both pet birds, then you can keep them in separate cages, which will ensure the full safety of canaries. And if you want to give them the chance to be friends, then keep them in a very spacious cage with separate perches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can canaries and parakeets live together?

Yes, they can if they are kept in separate cages. Or you can also keep them in a large enough cage where they can have space for themselves. Confinement in small spaces can cause fights to break out more often and for parakeets to bully canaries.

Can you keep canaries and budgies together in a small cage?

It is definitely not a good idea for you to keep canaries and budgies together in a small cage. This might lead to the budgies severely harming the canaries – which might result in serious injury or in death of the canaries.

Which birds can you keep with canaries?

If you have a pet canary, then it is best to keep them alone with their own species in a cage. But if you want them to have a companion from a different species, then you can keep them with finches because they will get along well.

Do canaries prefer companionship?

Canaries are the kind of birds that love living alone – and sadly, they aren’t very cuddly either. So, they surely do not prefer companionship, but they wouldn’t mind if they get along with the birds well.

Is it necessary to cover the canaries at night?

Sleep is important for the well-being of canaries, and if you can ensure a quiet and dark place for them without covering the cage, then it won’t be necessary. Otherwise, consider covering their cage at night.

Final Words

Before you buy one cage for both your budgies and canaries, it is important to ask yourself – can parakeets and canaries live together? It is important to consider both their health and requirements before making such a decision.

After all, they might be going through something you may not understand, so it is best to not take risks.

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