Do Parakeets Watch TV? (Do They Enjoy It)

Whenever I watch some television, I see my parakeet paying attention to it and enjoying it just as much – if not more. Seeing my parakeet’s reaction I realized I could easily keep it entertained when I am not around, and that made me think – do parakeets watch TV?

So I started digging a little deeper into the matter and as it turns out, they do watch TV and they even like watching it. Not only will television serve its entertainment purposes, but the parakeet can also learn quite a bit from TV.

I soon realized that giving my bird the opportunity to watch TV every day will also keep it cheerful – so I started researching on the topic and found as many insights as required to keep my parakeet happy.

What Kind of Birds Are Parakeets?

What Kind of Birds Are Parakeets?

If you are interested in getting a parrot, or if you already have one, then you have probably heard of parakeets. They are just another species of parrots that tend to be of small or medium sizes.

You will find that parakeets have long-tailed feathers in general, and they are mostly yellow or blue. Parakeets are social and friendly birds, which is why most people prefer to have this species of parrot.

Parakeets contain a large array of birds, and they are widely available everywhere. In fact, if you see someone having a few different breeds of birds in their house, then you will most likely find a parakeet among them as well.

What Makes TV Enjoyable for Parakeets?

Some people tend to believe that birds cannot see TV – but clearly, that is not the truth. Parakeets, for instance, not only can watch TV but also rather enjoy it. So what is the reason behind that? We will discuss that here.

Relieves Them from Boredom

TV can keep anyone entertained – and parakeets are not very different in this case. The entertainment from TV can surely keep them from getting bored and keep them happier throughout the day.

Helps Them Learn Speech

Just as parakeets can learn speech and mimicry by hearing humans talk, they can do the same by hearing speeches from the TV as well. Hence, TV can not only serve entertainment purposes, but it can help them learn as well.

Keeps Them Occupied

If your parakeets don’t have any companions to play around with, then letting them watch TV can actually be a good way to keep them occupied. It can refrain them from getting lonely and depressed in the long run.

Learning from Watching TV

As we have mentioned above, TV is not just for entertainment purposes, it can teach quite a few things to the parakeets as well.

For instance, if they watch other parakeets on TV, they can learn a few things about the behavioral patterns of their own kind if they were brought in too young.

At the same time, they can learn speech and mimicry as well by watching TV – even faster than they would while talking to their humans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parakeets see TV?

It is a widespread misconception that birds are not capable of being able to see TV. But they are very much capable of seeing what’s going on on the screen, and they can hear the speeches and music pretty clearly as well.

Can parakeets learn speech from TV?

Yes; one of the many advantages of making your parakeet watch the TV is helping it learn speech gradually. You might not be able to make that much time for your parakeet and hence, you can rely on the TV to teach them speech.

Can watching TV cause visual problems for parakeets?

Visual impairment and problems among parakeets are not like watching TV. However, watching TV from a close range for too long can cause visual issues for more or less everyone – hence, you should minimize close exposure.

Will parakeets watch TV at night?

There is a high chance that parakeets will not prefer watching TV at night. Parakeets tend to sleep at night and they prefer doing so in total darkness and without much noise.

Will watching TV keep parakeets entertained?

Surely, watching TV will serve entertainment purposes for the parakeets. Hence, you won’t have to be too concerned about them getting too bored over the course of time.

Final Words

Do parakeets watch TV? Surely, they do, they enjoy it. But would they like to watch it all the time? Not necessarily, especially not during the night.

Hence, pick some specific times for your parakeet to enjoy watching television throughout the day. Make sure they are having a healthy dose of entertainment daily to enjoy their livelihoods at your place.

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