Can Cockatiels and Finches Live Together? All You Need to Know!

If you want to house birds of different species, it is essential to know about their characteristics and personal traits. Cockatiels and finches are both playful and social house birds. But can cockatiels and finches live together?

You can keep them together, but you should always consider some factors to ensure compatibility between them to live together. Otherwise, conflict might arise among them for having different personalities.

This article is all about those necessary factors that you need to consider for keeping them together. Besides, you will also get to know about preparing a proper environment for them so that they can live together without any issues.

Necessary Factors to Consider When Living Together


There are several requirements that you need to take care of while you want to rear cockatiels and finches together. Some basic and considerable factors are stated here for your convenience.

1. Gender

You should always consider which gender of cockatiels and finches you want to keep. So, can you put cockatiels and finches together of different genders? Yes, you can; but it is advised not to keep them in the same cage to avoid serious conflicts.

Often, different genders of both species of birds can get into fights because of hormonal issues. You can keep two female or two male birds together in a cage. But in case of housing them of different genders, you need to arrange different cages for each of them.

2. Size

When you raise varieties of birds together, birds of similar sizes often tend to get along better than those of dissimilar sizes. Whether in houses or in aviaries, size always counts when you are planning to keep birds of different species together.

In case you keep one big cockatiel and one small finch together or vice versa, the big one can be dominant over the small one. So, cockatiels and finches of the same size are advised to keep in the same cage. In aviaries, you can raise birds of dissimilar sizes together by keeping enough space among them.

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3. Age

Often, age gaps between two birds of different species can be a reason for occurring conflict between them. It is easy to rear different species of birds from a young age so that they can adapt to the environment quickly.

You should introduce a bird to another at a young age as it is easy for them to accept any new member in their own territory. If you try to introduce a mature bird to a young one, jealousy and aggressiveness can be a huge issue.

Besides, you should not get a new bird in the cage when it is the breeding season of your previous bird. Because the breeding season brings hormonal changes to a bird, which makes them more furious and aggressive.

4. Social Interactions

Learning about the social traits of different birds is essential before you get them for keeping in your house. If you compare the social interaction traits of these two species, cockatiels are more into making social bonds than finches. So, can cockatiels get along with finches? Of course, they can.

Generally, cockatiels can get along with other birds quite easily because of their friendly nature. But if they feel you are not giving enough attention to them, they can be jealous and aggressive.

On the other hand, finches are not so good at making bonds, but they can interact well with other birds of the same size and gender. They might get aggressive if other birds enter their territory.

Introducing Cockatiels and Finches

Introducing Cockatiels and Finches

When you are getting a cockatiel to a finch or vice versa, the introduction stage creates the base of their relationship.

Can finches be kept with cockatiels from the first day?

Actually, it is a no. Because, you have to go slow while introducing them as they might be furious with one another.

Do not just keep them in a cage to live together as they might be aggressive about sharing the same territory. Besides, this can lead to a sudden change of attitudes that might turn into a conflict.

At first, keep them in different cages but not too distant from each other. It will help them to get habituated with each other in the same space. If you notice that they are somewhere getting along, keep them in the same cage after a few days.

Knowing the Risks of Petting Cockatiels and Finches Together

Can Cockatiels and Finches Live Together? All You Need to Know! 1
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Can you mix cockatiels and finches while rearing them in cages? Yes, you can; but you always have to consider some risks in order to ensure a conflict-free environment around them. This will help you to take the necessary actions for handling them easily.

The most common risk is the several disputes between a cockatiel and a finch over territorial issues. These disputes can go to a severe extent when there arises fighting and visible physical conflict. So, you should be alert to handle such collisions by taking necessary steps.

The main reason for such collisions is size dissimilarity. And often, the smaller bird gets in trouble most of the time. So, you should always make sure to keep birds of the same size in a cage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cockatiels more accepting than finches?

As finches are basically wild birds, they are not so good at making social bonds and allowing positive interactions. So, if we talk about acceptance towards other birds, cockatiels are surely more accepting compared to finches.

Can you put cockatiel and finches together?

Yes, you can. But there are a few requirements regarding this. You have to consider the age, gender, size, and compatibility of both birds before you put them together.

Do cockatiels and zebra finches get along?

Zebra finches and cockatiels can get along if you introduce them to each other at an early age. Otherwise, they may get aggressive with each other because of jealousy.

What are the differences between cockatiels and finches?

Cockatiels are medium-sized parrots that are native to Australia. They are social birds that require regular interaction with their owners and other birds. Finches, on the other hand, are small, colorful songbirds that are native to different parts of the world. They are more independent and prefer to live in flocks.

What are the risks of keeping cockatiels and finches together?

Cockatiels and finches have different diets, with cockatiels requiring more protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, while finches primarily eat seeds. If housed together, one bird may eat more of the other bird’s food, leading to malnutrition. Additionally, cockatiels are much larger and more dominant than finches, which can lead to aggression and injury.

Can different species of birds live together?

It is generally not recommended to keep different species of birds together, as they have different dietary, social, and environmental needs. Birds of the same species are more likely to get along and thrive in a shared living space.

Final Words

Both cockatiels and finches are lovely birds to raise, whether in your house or in an aviation center. You can put them together by taking proper care and giving enough attention.

Hope you have no more confusion regarding whether cockatiels and finches can live together or not. This article could be your go-to guideline for raising your lovely featured pets in a safe and healthy environment.

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